All about our: fresh pasta

All about our: fresh pasta

Jamie’s Italian pasta – simple, fresh & authentically Italian
Our pasta is made in our restaurants every day, the Italian way


Humble pasta has been an integral part of Italian culture since Marco Polo was rumoured to have introduced it to the country in the 13th Century. Pasta recipes throughout the country vary from region to region, family to family, nonna to nonna, but one thing remains consistent – it’s always treated with respect.

That’s exactly why we treat our pasta with respect, too – one of our chefs comes in bright and early every morning to make a fresh batch for the day ahead, extruding it in all the different shapes and sizes you see on our menu, ready to be cooked to order. We’ll never use pasta if it’s more than 12 hours old, we’ll never reheat it, and we’ll never use dried pasta because no Italian Trattoria worth its salt would serve dried pasta, so why would we?

We follow our Italian godfather’s, Gennaro Contaldo’s, pasta recipe that contains just four high-quality ingredients – Italian “00” flour, semolina, organic eggs and water – nothing else. This results in beautifully rich, tasty Italian pasta dishes. Then, all we have to do is cook it to order and pair it with well-chosen ingredients. Every pasta shape is designed to perfectly hold the sauce it’s teamed with – traditional creamy carbonara works wonderfully with lengths of spaghetti, and classic tomato-based sauces are well suited to tubes of penne. Plus, the bronze dye heads on our pasta machines give the pasta a ridged texture, helping the sauce stick to it even better.

So, whether you choose to enjoy one of our pasta dishes as a starter before a salad, as a primi course after some antipasti or even as a main, rest assured it’ll have been made right there, that very morning – fresh, authentic and totally delicious.