All about our: new kids’ menu

All about our: new kids’ menu

Our award-winning kids’ menu is now even more jam-packed with organic fruit and veg

Our kids’ menu has been top of the Soil Association’s Out To Lunch league table since 2013, and we’ve been working hard ever since to improve on our high standards even further. For our new menu, we wanted to give you and your little ones more of what you’ve been asking for – more variety, more healthy options, more information and more fun!

It’s all about choice

We’ve upped the number of dishes on the kids’ menu to give your kids plenty of options to choose from, all of them healthy and balanced. Our Five-a-day picnic box does exactly what it says on the tin and provides your child with all of their five a day, plus a choice of an organic chicken or vegetarian wrap. Away from the shore, we can guarantee there’s nothing fishy about our Fantastic fish stew – just sustainable cod, squishy organic potato dumplings and tasty tomato sauce. By popular demand, we’ve also added a kids’ Margherita pizza to the menu, made with hand-stretched pizza dough, seven-veg tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil – no high-fat or high-salt toppings in sight.

In fact, you won’t find any artificial ingredients in any of our dishes – just well-sourced ingredients and at least two portions of fruit or veg in every meal. We’ve really focused on upping the amount of good stuff on our menu, including replacing regular potatoes with nutritious and delicious baked sweet potato fries. Little ones also love our organic tomato sauce, whether it’s on top of a pizza or tossed through homemade pasta. Plus, it contains seven hidden vegetables – carrots, spinach, swede, onion, butternut squash, courgette and sweet potato! We’ll keep that secret between us.

Making food fun

Squirreling away vegetables isn’t our only strategy, though – we’ve also come up with some innovative ways to make healthy food as interactive and exciting as possible. Every meal comes with one of our much-loved shake-me salads, served in a jam jar with dressing for kids to shake up themselves. Our viewfinder menus show colourful images of all the different dishes for the kids (and grown-ups) to choose from, before turning their attention to our fun, food-themed activity pack, that’s bursting with things to keep little hands busy.

While the kids are busy choosing what they like the look of, our paper menus are designed specifically for parents. It includes two size options for big and little kids, as well as the calorie and five-a-day content for each dish, to help you make informed decisions. We’ve even included a little blurb that explains what calories are, so you can talk to your kids if you’d like to.

We’ve worked hard to give you as much information about our food as possible, allowing you and your little ones to order with complete confidence. With a menu packed full of quality ingredients, and absolutely no nasties, you can be sure to enjoy a tasty, balanced meal every time you come in.