Jamie's specials: Asparagus carbonara

Ever wondered how to make the perfect carbonara?

Watch Jamie cook up a brand new summer special, Asparagus carbonara – coming to restaurants across the UK this week.

Asparagus carbonara £12.50

Fresh spaghetti in a silky carbonara sauce with British asparagus, pancetta, cracked black pepper & Parmesan

For this week’s special, we’ve taken one of our all-time favourite pasta dishes – the classic carbonara – and given it a seasonal twist with some beautiful British asparagus and a squeeze of zesty lemon. Our spaghetti, made fresh in the restaurants each morning, is the perfect partner for that traditional rich sauce and smoky pancetta. We make our sauce the true Roman way – with eggs, and no cream – letting the pan cool before we add the eggs and Parmesan to create the silky texture. And to finish it off – plenty of cracked black pepper! This dish is what Jamie does best – simple Italian cooking bringing out the best of fresh summer veg.

Available in all Jamie's Italian UK restaurants from 18–24 June – don’t miss out, book now!