Proper Pasta

Proper Pasta

Fresh pasta, made every single day

If there’s one thing we’re really proud of at Jamie’s Italian, it’s pasta. Beautiful fresh pasta that’s only ever made with the best ingredients, to a recipe that we’ve spent years perfecting, served with incredible sauces and toppings – just like you’d find in Italy, or in Jamie’s own kitchen.

Our Italian Godfather, Gennaro Contaldo, created the pasta recipe we still use every day – 10 years on from our very first restaurant opening in Oxford. His tried-and-tested recipe simply calls for tipo ‘00’ flour (which gives it an incredible super-smooth texture), semolina (for colour and flavour) free-range eggs and a little bit of water. Our dedicated pasta chefs start early every morning and lovingly make enough fresh pasta for the day, using our iconic pasta extruders to create all the different shapes and sizes we need. Our machines have incredible bronze dye heads which help give the pasta texture, which means all our sauces will stick to it beautifully – the sign of really good pasta! We’ve got everyone covered with a vegan-friendly, egg-free recipe, too. It’s equally as delicious as the original.

To celebrate the wonder that is fresh pasta, we’re running a show-stopping special on our blackboards, available in all our restaurants throughout February.

Gennaro’s spaghetti vongole

This delicious Venetian clam pasta started life as peasant food and has gone on to become a well-loved Italian classic. Sweet clams are simply thrown together with spaghetti, white wine, garlic, a hint of chilli and fresh parsley. It’s sophisticated and delicious – a seafood lover’s dream.


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