Meet our London-based cured meat supplier, Cobble Lane Cured

They turn top-quality British meat into delicious charcuterie for our menu

We pride ourselves on finding and working with the best possible suppliers, like our friends at London-based charcuterie company, Cobble Lane Cured. Started in 2013, Cobble Lane took their name from the quiet mews street on which their small workshop is located – Cobble Lane in Islington. With space to cure Italian-style salami, smoked pepperoni and ‘nduja, and to mature bresaola, pancetta and coppa, the team of four are able to supply charcuterie to a vast range of restaurants in and around London, and us.

We feature their delicious produce throughout our menus – on top of our artisan pizzas and tossed through our homemade pasta dishes. We’re always inspired by what Cobble Lane are making, whether it’s salami, pancetta or something completely new, developed from a rare-breed cut of meat that’s come in a few days before. We use their soft and fiery ‘nduja as part of our free-range pork and fennel ragù and crisp up their spicy pepperoni on top of our handmade Porkie pizza. Their incredible matured bresaola is regularly featured on our daily-changing specials boards, too.

While cured meat may not be traditionally British – you might think of Italian salami, Spanish chorizo or Polish smoked sausage instead – the team at Cobble Lane believe that higher-welfare British meat makes exceptional charcuterie, and we completely agree. Teaming inspiration from Continental methods and flavours with the team’s butchery expertise, Cobble Lane’s products easily rival anything you would find in Europe. Plus, operating out of north London brings them closer to the farms  they source their meat from and the customers they sell their products to. That’s why, instead of importing all of our cured meat, we choose to buy products that help bring the supply chain closer together, supporting independent makers while we’re at it.

Cobble Lane’s founders, Matt, Mat and Adam, know a thing or two about really fantastic meat. After all, they spent time working in our butcher’s shop at Barbecoa, where they met some of the great British farmers they still work with today. They source their free-range pork from Anna’s Happy Trotters in Yorkshire and get their beautifully marbled free-range beef from Origin Meats in Norwich, to name just a couple.

Making charcuterie intensifies the flavour of any meat, so choosing the right cut is an essential part of the Cobble Lane process. They buy shoulders, legs and other cuts of meat that are full of flavour but often don’t sell, guaranteeing that no part of an animal goes to waste. Then, they flavour the meat with a selection of incredibly sourced aromatics – think hand-picked oregano, fennel seeds and aleppo and amarillo chillis – before smoking or maturing it for up to six months. This all helps towards their goal to make the meat industry as socially and environmentally conscious as possible, reviving British butchery in the process.

It’s safe to say the Cobble Lane boys have come a long way since Barbecoa and we’re prouder than ever to support what they do. Visit their website to find out more.