Jamie's Italian FAQs

Gift Vouchers

I Have Not Received My Email Confirmation For My Gift E-voucher?

If you have experienced any problems with the delivery of your e-voucher, please contact our helpline on +44 (0)333 240 2166 and our team will be able to assist. Please note the office will be closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day.

General Queries

What Is Your Policy On Tips?

The system used by Jamie's Italian is very fair and fully compliant. In line with the Jamie's Italian values, we never interfere in the distribution of tips left by customers for our employees. All cash tips stay with the waiter. Waiters also receive their individual credit card tips and service charge. From these credit card tips and service charge, each waiter contributes the amount equal to 2% of their net sales from that shift. This contribution is distributed between kitchen, bar and door staff to ensure they also benefit financially. If the 2% is not generated, we never top up using hourly pay or cash tips. The system used to distribute the 2% contribution is operated wholly independently of the company by staff members at each restaurant who have been elected as tronc masters. It is they who decide how the money is distributed and 100% goes to our incredibly hard working team who deserve to be rewarded. No admin charges are deducted at any stage by the company.

Your Online Booking System Is Showing The Restaurant Is Fully Booked For When I Want To Come In. Can I Go On A Waiting List?

Although all the tables available online can be fully booked, we still keep a number of tables available for people walking into the restaurant. While we cannot guarantee their availability or the waiting time, please do come along!

I Want To Make A Booking For A Large Party Of People. What Do I Need To Do? Do You Do A Set Menu For Groups?

For groups larger than 16 please use the online booking form and your request will be handled directly by the restaurant. If you would prefer a set menu, the restaurant you are planning to visit will be happy to discuss the options with you.

It’s My Parent’s Anniversary And They Love Jamie’s Italian. I’d Love To Treat Them To A Meal. Do You Sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we sell gift vouchers in all our restaurants. They come in £10 denominations and they are valid in any UK restaurant. Vouchers will also be available to buy online soon.

Is There A Dress Code At The Restaurant?

No, there isn’t a dress code. All our restaurants are relaxed and informal.

There’s A Jamie’s Italian Opening In My Home Town. How Do I Get A Table For The Opening Night Party?

We put a lot of effort into training our staff and testing every dish before we open a new restaurant to the public. Once we are confident that the team is ready to deliver the best service and our food reaches the highest standards, we open the doors for "business as usual"? rather than hosting a party.

I Have Young Children And Want To Bring Them For Lunch. Do You Have A Kids' Menu?

You’ll find the kids’ menu here on the menu page. We welcome children in all our restaurants and Jamie’s put together some great dishes for them. There are also high chairs for smaller children, plus colouring sheets, crayons and lots to look at to keep them entertained.

Do You Support Charities And Local Organisations?

Our nominated charity is The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and they receive the majority of our support. Wherever possible we do support local charitable events that we feel are relevant to our business and local community. Regrettably we are unable to support every charity that asks for our help. You can learn more about the The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation at www.jamieoliver.com/foundation

Do You Have Disabled Access At Your Restaurants?

All our restaurants have facilities to ensure that we can look after disabled guests in a safe and considerate way. Please contact the restaurant directly if you wish to discuss any specific requirements before your visit and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What Is Our Policy On The Living Wage?

We pay our staff very fairly and reward them exceptionally well. Many of our staff earn a basic rate above the living wage plus tips and generous benefits. Even many of our most junior team members will take home an overall package that amounts to above the living wage.

Where Can I Find Your Gender Pay Gap Information?

To access the 2018/2019 Gender Pay Gap Report for Jamie's Italian Limited please click here

Gold Club

Who Do I Contact Regarding My Gold Club Membership?

Please contact goldclub@jamiesitalian.com

What Is The Number For Gold Club Telephone Bookings?

You can call 0333 240 1514 to make any Gold Club bookings. Please note the office will be closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day.

Sugar Levy

Why Have You Imposed Your Own Sugar Levy In Your Jamie’s Italian Restaurants?  

The main purpose of the levy in Jamie’s restaurants is to raise awareness of how much sugar is present in certain soft drinks and make people think about their sugar intake – particularly that of their children, if they drink added sugar drinks. If the levy results in people cutting back on their fizzy drink intake then that can only be good.  At the same time, if it results in raising much-needed money for food education charities then that’s also good.

The money raised by our self-imposed levy will go to The Children’s Health Fund (CHF), set up by Sustain and Jamie in 2015. The levy is subject to VAT meaning that 8.33p of the 10p applied to drinks with added sugar goes to the CHF. The money paid into the CHF will support programmes and schemes aimed at improving children’s health and food education.

Why Are You Still Serving Sugary Drinks In Jamie’s Italian Restaurants?

Ultimately, we want to give customers a choice. Many people eat at our restaurants for special occasions, and we believe it’s perfectly fine to have a sugary drink as an occasional treat, in the context of a balanced diet. However, we have introduced our own levy on sugary drinks to encourage people to think twice about what they’re consuming.

From spring 2016 onwards, our menus will show the number of teaspoons of sugar contained in each drink that is subject to the levy – this will help people to make informed decisions about how much sugar they’re consuming.

Why Are You Just Focusing On Sugar And Fizzy Drinks? Why Not Salt Or Fats?

Good health is influenced by many dietary factors, however sugar and sugary drinks were highlighted as the biggest contributors to obesity and type-2 diabetes – the two largest causes of diet-related diseases – in last year’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition report. We acknowledge that saturated fat and salt also contribute to poor health – these are two nutrients that we monitor closely in our recipe content. We also make sure that at least 30% of each category on our menu is made up of healthy options, excluding desserts. All dishes marked as a “healthy option” meet our strict nutrition standards. This includes having controlled levels of both saturated fat and salt.

Some Of Your Dishes Look Like They Have A High Sugar Content, Are You Going To Reduce These In Light Of Jamie’s Campaign?

The value for sugars displayed on the nutrition information is for TOTAL sugars, so includes the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit, vegetables and milk. We do not add free, refined sugars to any of our meals, with the exception of desserts and a very small number of batch recipes where it is a key requirement for the dish.

It is not possible to create a dish that is completely sugar free that also includes vegetables, dairy or fruit. Virtually all of our dishes contain zero FREE sugars. It is the free sugars that we should be concerned about and look to reduce as much as possible, not the naturally occurring ones, as these are generally found in foods that have a positive health impact.

All of our dishes fall well below the Recommended Intake (RI) of total sugars and our savoury dishes would not be considered high in sugar according the government approved traffic light labelling cut offs.

We do have desserts that are high in sugar, but these are meant to be treats for special occasions. We would never recommend that they were eaten on a regular basis, but we do feel that they can be perfectly acceptable occasionally within the context of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

What Is The Difference Between “natural” And “free” Sugars?  

Sugar is classified in two ways:
FREE SUGARS – sugar added to food and drink, as well as sugar found naturally in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates.

NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGARS – found in fruit, vegetables and milk.

It is the free sugars that we should be trying to cut down on. Foods containing these sugars tend to provide the body with empty calories that give us energy without many nutrients. As a result, we eat more without feeling full or satisfied. This leads to an increased risk of weight gain, certain diseases, and a cycle of highs and lows in energy levels, which will leave you feeling tired and craving even more sugar.

Frequent consumption can lead to tooth decay. A report by the Royal College of Surgeons published in 2015 showed tooth decay to be the most common reason five to nine-year-olds were admitted to hospital.

It can also lead to type-2 diabetes, the levels of which have risen dramatically in recent years. Being overweight or obese also increases your risk of developing the disease. Diabetes UK reports that there are currently 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes, and many of these cases are type-2.

So What About All The Sugary Desserts In Jamie’s Italian?  why Not Tax Them Too?  

To be clear, no-one is suggesting that we ban sugar, cakes, desserts or treats.  Everyone loves a treat from time to time - even the most vocal anti-sugar campaigners.  What Jamie is saying is that we need to urgently look at ways to reverse the global obesity crisis and the rise in preventable diet-related disease.  One way to do this is to educate people to understand what food does to their bodies and how to cook more nutritious food so that a treat from time to time does no harm at all.  Many people eating out at our restaurants do so on special occasions, such as birthdays, when it is perfectly acceptable to have a treat.  The problems come when people are filling up on sugary foods and hydrating themselves with sugary drinks day after day after day.

What Healthier Alternative Options To Sugary Drinks Are Available In Jamie’s Italian?

Here in the UK, we’re extremely lucky to have such amazing quality, free-flowing tap water and we make sure we offer all our customers free, unlimited tap water for the table. We believe that sugary drinks should only be enjoyed occasionally as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Additionally, we've introduced fruit juice spritzes – fruit juices mixed with sparkling mineral water, as a great, lower sugar, alternative to conventional fizzy drinks. Diet drinks contain no added sugar so are exempt from the levy, however they typically have artificial sweeteners to compensate instead.  

Where Can I Find More Information On The Sugar Tax And Jamie’s Childhood Obesity Strategy?

Further details on Jamie’s campaign and the sugar tax can be found here.