• I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.

    Jamie's Italian
    • Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Come celebrate the new year with your family and friends at Jamie's Italian and enjoy a spread happiness and a hearty main course from today till the 19th Feb 11am - 4pm. May the year of the Dog bring you prosperity and happiness. Let the celebrations begin!!! - 恭喜發財!快啲嚟Jamie’s Italian一齊同家人朋友慶祝狗年🐶,食我哋全新推出嘅半自助早午餐,由初一到初四早上11時至下午4時都有供應!快啲一齊嚟一邊食,一邊慶祝新年!

    • It's National Pizza Day (Week)! For one week only from 9 – 16 February, we invite guests to enjoy limited edition Jamie's Italian Ham & Cheese Pizza (HK$188). We are happy to share that 10% of proceeds from the Ham & Cheese Pizza sales will be donated to the “Cook for Syria” campaign in support of Syrian Children Fund to support children in need. - 為慶祝嚟緊嘅薄餅日,我哋將會喺嚟緊呢個禮拜2月9至16號,誠邀你哋嚟試我哋嘅限量版意式芝士火腿薄餅($188)!呢個薄餅賣出所收到嘅一成收入我哋將會撥捐 「Cook for Syria」,支持「Syria Children Fund」幫助有需要嘅小朋友! - #JamiesItalianHK #NationalPizzaWeek #EatPizzaForGood

    • Spend this Valentine’s Day with the one that completes you! Treat your lover to a Jamie Oliver-style dinner with this incredibly fresh Boston Lobster Risotto. It will surely impress your Valentine! Book your table now! www.jamiesitalian.hk - Available from 9th – 14th Feb - 今個情人節同您嘅最愛嚟Jamie's Italian嘆Jamie Oliver風格嘅浪漫晚餐,配埋呢碟滋味波士頓龍蝦燴飯,您嘅愛意另一半一定收到哂!立即訂位: www.jamiesitalian.hk - 情人節套餐適用於2月9-14日

    • Come on in to try The Carbonara Pizza, packed with mozzarella cheese, sweet leeks, crispy pancetta and rosemary! Delicious and full of incredible flavours! - 快啲嚟試吓我哋嘅卡邦尼薄餅,配上水牛芝士、洋大蒜、 香脆煙肉及迷迭香。簡直係色香味俱全!

    • Happy Birthday to our lovely Gennaro, the mentor and best friend of Jamie Oliver! We wish you a healthy and amazing year ahead! Lots of love from Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong team xoxo - Jamies Italian香港祝Jamie Oliver嘅師傅及摯友Gennaro生日快樂!祝你有個健健康康及美滿的一年!