• I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.

    Jamie's Italian
    • #lunch食咩好 嚟試下我哋嘅重量級健康沙律,新鮮牛油果、烤甜菜根、谷物及豆類、西蘭花、茴香、石榴籽配哈里薩辣醬及茅屋芝士,食完成個人精神哂! - #WhatsForLunch Come in to try our Classic Super Food Salad. A super-fresh combination of avocado, roasted beets,fennel, mixed pulses & grains, broccoli, pomegranate & spicy seeds with harissa dressing & cottage cheese. Freshen up your day! #ExpressLunch #JamiesItalianHK

    • 我哋每日現做嘅香腸肉醬意大利麵有好多回味無窮嘅材料!準備搖滾你嘅味蕾! - Our daily, fresh, and handmade Spicy Sausage Casarecce is full of good stuff. The sausage ragù & ‘nduja will sing a tune that'll rock your taste buds! - #JamiesItalianHK #JamiesPasta

    • 呢啲醃肉睇落去好吸引呀,隨時可以準備上碟啦! - Our cured meats are ready to jump onto your plate anytime! - 點選個人資料旁連結馬上訂位 Click the link in bio to book your table now #JamiesItalianHK

    • 週末到啦,嚟一杯水果氣泡飲, 記得約三五知己傾下計、放鬆一下, 準備享受假日啦! - Come to Jamie's for the weekend, grab a refresher to chill with your fellas & enjoy something #refreshing! - 點一下個人資料旁連結,馬上來試試 Hit the link in our bio to find out more - #JamiesItalianHK

    • 呢個週末嚟食意式凍肉木板拼盤啦!最適合同家人及朋友分享! - Eat the #Italian way this #weekend & get stuck into our #MeatPlank – perfect for #sharing with family & friends! - 點選個人資料旁連結馬上訂位 Click the link in bio to book your table now #JamiesItalianHK