• I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.

    Jamie's Italian
    • 【支持Jamie Oliver嘅為食起革命】本週末為大家送上限定特別菜色,每份賣出嘅「煙三文魚牛油果烤麵包」,我哋會捐贈HK$10給予 @goasia.asia !快啲同屋企人朋友嚟試下啦! - To support The Jamie Oliver #FoodRevolution, this week we have the healthy weekend sharing special "Smoked Salmon Avocado Toasts"! For every Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast we sell, we will be donating HK$10 to @goasia.asia ! Available from 26th - 30th May ONLY! - #JamiesItalianHK #JamieOliver

    • 昨晚我哋係銅鑼灣餐廳同一班英超球星,包括: Regi Blinker, Emile Heskey, Colin Hendry, Michael Hughes, Des Walker, Phil Babb及Kevin Gallen舉行活動。如果想搵獨特場地搞活動,send個email俾我哋查詢啦!events@jamiesitalian.hk - We were honoured to have Regi Blinker, Emile Heskey, Colin Hendry, Michael Hughes, Des Walker, Phil Babb & Kevin Gallen at Jamie's Italian Causeway Bay with us last night for a special private event and we all had a great time together! If you are looking for a unique space to host an event, be sure send us an email to find out more! events@jamiesitalian.hk

    • #lunch食咩好 快啲嚟試試我哋嘅新鮮番茄沙律,新鮮慢烤番茄配乳清芝士、香草麵包粒、羅勒、松子、酥脆酸豆及芝麻葉,又健康又好味! - #WhatsForLunch You'll love these fresh & healthy ingredients with multiple textures in our Heritage Tomato Salad! It's a perfect combination of slow-roasted tomatoes, whipped ricotta, croutons, basil, pine nuts, crispy capers & wild rocket, yum! - #JamiesItalianHK #ExpressLunch

    • 我哋今日同 @goasia.asia 合辦嘅「為食起革命」活動日 ,一班小朋友及家長一齊整意大利雲吞同埋玩一啲關於健康飲食嘅遊戲,大家都過左一個愉快既下午! - #FoodRevolutionCarnival We had a great time today teaming up with Go.Asia, making ravioli with the little ones and playing food nutrition games to support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! - #FoodRevolution #JamieOliver #JamiesItalianHK

    • 一齊加入連署傑米嘅為食起革命啦,呢嗰係一個非常具有意義、實質激勵且具有正面影響力嘅活動,為咗改變小朋友飲食嘅習慣,並且更了解食物,更健康嘅生活。 - Sign up and join @JamieOliver's @foodrev and inspire real, meaningful and positive change in the way our children access, consume and understand food for a healthy life! - #JamiesItalianHK #FoodRevolution #飲食革命 #JamieOliver