• I'm incredibly excited to be taking Jamie's Italian to India – it's such a vibrant, inspiring place, I just can't wait to get started. We've known our Indian partners for over two years now and I'm thrilled to be teaming up with them to bring the Jamie's Italian experience to the wonderful people of Delhi. It's going to be great - watch this space.

    Jamie's Italian
    • How about some of Gennaro's Primavera Chicken, chargrilled with fresh veggies, pesto & lemon zest? Or some Sicilian Caponata Bruschetta garnished with buffalo ricotta & pine nuts? #JamiesItalianIndia #JIIDaily

    • Gnocchi Genovese is one of our beautiful specials today! Home made semolina potato dumplings with pesto, the freshest peas, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, creamy buffalo ricotta and crunchy potato crisps🍴 #JamiesItalianIndia #JIIDaily

    • We have something very special for you this weekend! Including Gennaro's slow cooked lamb stew with chargrilled ciabatta and the super fresh and healthy fish in a bag! #JamiesItalianIndia #JIIDaily

    • Think you know nachos? Think again! Our #CrunchyItalianNachos are actually three cheese ravioli with a fiery Sicilian tomato sauce. And they are absolutely Fantastic! #JamiesItalianIndia

    • We have something very special for you this weekend! Braised Pork Belly with creamy Polenta and salsa verde, some beautiful Riversole Primavera and Chicken thighs tossed with chilli, garlic, the best olive oil, bellpeppers and herbs with a touch of lemon zest! What are you waiting for? #SundaysAtJamies #JamiesItalianIndia #JIIDaily