• I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.

    Jamie's Italian
    • 我們希望每位來用餐的小朋友們也能開心地享受到經由廚師精心設計,健康又美味的餐點。 - We sincerely hope that your little ones will enjoy our healthy and delicious dishes that thoughtfully designed by our talented chefs. - #JamiesItaliantw #Kidsmeal #健康飲食 #兒童餐

    • 不論是跟朋友來慶祝、工作午餐、第一次約會或只是想要一盤新鮮美味的義大利麵還是沙拉,我們都會讓您在這裡感受最特別用餐經驗! - Whether you’re coming in for a celebration, a work lunch, a first date or you simply want a bowl of fresh pasta and a salad, we’re here to make you feel special everyday! - #JamiesItaliantw #feelgoodfriday

    • 【每週特調 Weekly Special Drinks】 這幾天早晚開始有入秋的感覺了,別浪費夜晚的美好,本週我們準備了神秘的特調 "夜" 和 "蜜桃泡泡",一起享受難得的浪漫吧! #本週限定 (9/18-24) - It's getting cooler with Autumn approaching, come on in and enjoy the Autumn breeze with our weekly special drinks: 'Night' Cocktail & 'Peach Fizz' Mocktail. Available this week (18 - 24 Sept) only! - #JamiesItaliantw #weeklydrinks #cooldownmonday #傑米奧利佛 #喝酒請勿開車

    • 跟朋友一起來要點什麼?必點的醃製及香酥炸魚木板拼盤:煙燻鮭魚、白酒貝類、燻魚抹醬、迷你炸海鮮佐自製檸檬蛋黃醬、羊奶起司搭自製甜辣椒醬與紅甜菜南瓜沙拉。最適合一起分享! - Wondering what to order when you visit us with friends? One of the must-try dishes on the menu is the Cured & Crispy Fish: an impressive arrangement of smoked salmon, roasted shellfish, smoked fish pâté, & mini fritto misto with lemon mayo. Don't forget the pecorino, chili jam & purple slaw to top it all off. Perfect for sharing! - 訂位電話 (02) 8780-2050 馬上訂位 http://bit.ly/JamieTW - #JamiesItaliantw #傑米奧利佛

    • 來自海洋的慶典!我們的紙包鮮魚除了當季的鮮魚還有蛤蠣、淡菜、茴香、鯷魚、番茄辣醬,給一些很難抉擇的朋友們,現在你可以全部一起試囉! - A celebration of goodness from the sea! Our Fish In A Bag is a delicious hearty mix of the fish of the day, clams, mussels, fennel, and anchovies & cracked wheat - all topped with fiery arrabbiata sauce! For those that can't pick just one, you can now try them all! - #JamiesItaliantw #fishinabag #傑米奧利佛