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Ultimate G&T

Drinks tube
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Drinks tube

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  • 50 ml Bombay Sapphire gin
  • 100 ml tonic water
  • 1 lime
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1. Fill a clean copa balloon glass ¾ full of ice

2. Stir the ice really well using a bar spoon to chill the glass

3. Roll the lime to release the juice, then cut 2 wedges

4. Strain off any excess water from glass

5. Squeeze one of the freshly cut lime wedge over the ice

6. Pour the Bombay Sapphire gin into the glass using a measure, then swill the glass to mix and further chill

7. Pour the chilled and freshly opened tonic water down the spiral stem of a bar spoon while very gently stirring the liquid in the glass to retain the fizz

8. Garnish with the remaining wedge of lime and stir once


The tonic water bottle opening fits nicely into the spoon-end of a bar spoon. Hold both items in one hand (thumb on back of spoon) and pour into the glass


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