The Jamie Oliver Good School Food Awards celebrate all that is brilliant about our school system and the wider food systems in place for our kids.

From head teachers to dinner ladies, pupils to politicians, we honour those unsung heroes who go the extra mile to make sure our children – the next generation – are well fed at school, so they can concentrate on what’s really important: learning. 

Nominated by their peers and chosen by a select panel of celebrity judges, the winners will come from all over the country and from all walks of life. As well as the title, they will receive a brilliant prize.

The awards stand for: 

  • BIG LOVE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE  We celebrate the amazing catering teams, beautiful canteens, thriving allotments, fabulous food education programmes and holiday provisions that make the extra effort in the name of child health, as well as the campaigners who work so hard to ensure the government does the right thing for the next generation.
  • GOING THE EXTRA MILE Great school food is more than what’s on a plate. We are looking for individuals and schools that have gone the extra mile in creating a great school food culture through innovation, sustainability and food education – those who are taking a ‘whole school approach’ to food.