Jamie and all his winners from the Good School Food Awards 2023.

“It’s been 18 years since I made my Jamie’s School Dinners documentary and we’ve come such a long way since those early days. So to celebrate that, last year we launched the Good School Food Awards.

“In 2024, we want to build on the incredible momentum the first awards created. We received thousands of nominations, and reached an amazing 91.5 million people through the media and our social channels. We heard so many brilliant, positive stories from schools across the country of those going above and beyond to make sure our kids – the future of our country – get the start they deserve. So we know there are lots more heroes we have yet to discover, and we can’t wait to celebrate them.” Jamie Oliver

Starting in 1906, Britain has one of the oldest school meal systems in the world. It now has a workforce larger than the Royal Navy and Air Force combined, serving about 5 million meals every day; that equates to around 41 meals per second.

The Good School Food Awards celebrate the amazing catering teams, beautiful canteens, holiday programmes, campaigners and unsung heroes who, day in and day out, go the extra mile to make sure Britain’s school children are well nourished – the heroes that make school food brilliant.


When it comes to school food, it’s no secret that not all lunch trays are created equal. Schools operate on vastly different playing fields – some boast state-of-the-art kitchens and ample resources; while others face an uphill battle with limited support. 

But just imagine what could be accomplished if ALL schools had the right support and resources, what that would mean to the success of every child in the school system – the future of our country? Through the Good School Food Awards, and showcasing the amazing things being done – often through sheer hard work and finding money in creative places – we want to empower parents, teachers and catering staff.


The One Show’s Rising Star Award 

The schools that have the highest aspirations and are on a brilliant food journey are in the running for this award, and may be working in particularly tough circumstances.

Food Educator of the Year 

This food educator is a real hero, going above and beyond to inspire students through the joy of food. They can be anyone, from a school gardener to a food tech teacher.

The Food for Fuel Award with Joe Wicks

We’ve teamed up with The Body Coach to champion an outstanding teacher who brings together food and physical activity to create a healthy school environment. Encouraging kids to be active and eat well at school is so important – fuelling them to feel good and boosting their physical and mental health.

The Sun‘s Catering Team Champions

This award is for the catering team that shows real dedication to the food it provides and the pupils it serves.

Sustainability Star

Going to the school that is dedicated to making the food it serves sustainable, and creating an eco-friendly school environment.

Heart‘s Kindness and Community Award

This person – a student or staff member – has shown real kindness through food at school and in their local community. This could be setting up community fridges, raising money for local food banks, or similar endeavours. 

Governor or School Leader Food Hero 

We know that governors and school leaders have a huge role to play. This person has a clear vision and has empowered the people around them to achieve it.

Youth Activist of the Year 

This is for a person who has campaigned to make the food experience across their school better; whether that’s by making it fairer, better for the planet, or better for pupils’ health.



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