About our Terms

These Terms explain how you may use this website, including what you can do with our content. We have four types of terms:

  • these Terms right here
  • specific terms for specific activities like competitions, exclusive content services etc.
  • additional terms (our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and if you’re submitting content to us Terms for Contributions)
  • other terms that belong to Jamie's restaurants and cookery school websites we mention below

When these Terms apply

These Terms apply to the following websites (we’ll call each ‘the Site’):

These Terms also apply to any content that’s available on the Site – that includes our lovely recipes,  videos, images…and even the ‘look and feel’ of our Site (yes, we’re very proud of it!).   

What they mean for you

You should read these Terms carefully before using the Site as they set out your rights and the conditions on which we make the Site available to you.

By accessing or using the Site or otherwise indicating your consent, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Your use of the Site also means that you agree (and will stick to) our additional terms:

  • Privacy Policy, which is about how we process any personal data collected from you
  • Cookie Policy, which is about how we use cookies on the Site
If you don’t agree with or accept any of these Terms, you should stop using the Site immediately. If you’re submitting content to us, you’re also agreeing to our Terms for Contributions.

If you have any questions about the Site, get in touch here.    

When do other terms apply?

When you use Jamie's restaurants websites or the cookery school website, which will have their own terms (you can find them on each of their websites):

When you use services or participate in activities where we tell you other or specific terms apply (e.g. competitions, paid-for content, audience participation forms). You’ll have to agree to those terms to get involved with those services/activities. If there is any conflict between these Terms right here and the specific terms, then the specific terms win.

Ok – let’s get started

The Site is owned and operated by Jamie Oliver Limited (which we’ll just call ‘we’ or ‘us’ – to keep things short and simple). Jamie Oliver Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 06294067). Our registered office is at our lovely HQ over in Benwell House, 15-21 Benwell Road, London N7 7BL, England.

Using our Site

The Site is for your personal and non-commercial use only.

While using our Site, you have to be nice - that means you agree you won’t:

  • do anything illegal – for example, you can’t post or upload anything offensive or obscene
  • infringe other peoples’ (including our!) rights – for example, use our brands, trade marks or logos without our permission (more on that below) or charge others for our content or services
  • reduce the use and enjoyment of the Site by anyone else – including (but not limited to) doing anything which is libellous (damages the reputation of someone), breaches anyone's privacy, or which may harass, cause real distress or inconvenience to any person
  • promote or threaten violence against anyone or advance criminal activities, including terrorism, human trafficking or modern slavery
  • impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your connection or affiliation with a person or entity (including us or Jamie Oliver!), or otherwise solicit, collect or store (or attempt to solicit, collect or store) personal information about other Site users.
You can’t mess with our Site - that means you can’t:

  • reformat or frame any portion of the web pages that are part of the Site
  • copy or modify the HTML code used to generate web pages on the Site
  • use any device, software, or procedure that interferes with the proper working of the Site, or otherwise attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site
  • take any action that imposes, or may impose in our sole discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our IT infrastructure
  • modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer any portion of the Site
  • disrupt or otherwise interfere with the Site or the networks or servers we use.

Be warned that if you breach these Terms, then in looking into the breach we may use your personal details to phone or email you to find out more, or to share our concerns. We may issue you with a formal warning or we may prevent or suspend your access to the Site if you do not comply with any part of these Terms, or any terms or policies to which they refer to, or any applicable law.

Also, if you choose to access the Site from locations outside the UK and The Republic of Ireland, you are responsible for compliance with local laws where they are applicable.

We want everyone to be able to use and enjoy the Site so our aim to make it as accessible as possible. If you have any difficulties or comments using the Site, or need a form in a different format please contact us here or by emailing legal@jamieoliver.com.   

Using our content

We own the Site. We also own, or license (that means someone else owns it but has given us their permission to it), all the content that’s submitted to or found on the Site (let’s just call all that ‘Content’ from now on) that includes (but is not limited to):

  • recipes, images, photos, artwork, videos, audio or other multimedia content,
  • our logos and trade marks, including the trade marks “Jamie Oliver”, “Jamie’s Ministry of Food” and “Jamie’s Food Revolution”
  • software and technical elements such as metadata and code
  • the design, arrangement and look and feel of the Site
  • and information or material submitted to or on the Site (other than Contributions and your personal information)
  • anything else that’s protected by copyright.

We (and our licensors) reserve all of our (and their) rights in any intellectual property in connection with the Content. This means, for example, that we (and they) remain owners of them and free to use them as we (and they) see fit.

It also means that if you want to use any Content you need our (or our Licensor’s) permission (unless you’re using it for your personal use or using the Sharing Function (more on that one below). Without such permission you may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, store (including on any other website), distribute, transmit, broadcast, commercially exploit or modify in any way any of the Site's material or Content, or permit or assist anyone else to do the same. You must also not adjust, try to circumvent or delete any notices contained on the Site (including any intellectual property notices) and in particular any digital rights or other security technology embedded or contained within the Site.

Can I get permission?

As you can imagine, we receive a large number of requests from people and organisations that wish to use our Content (not to mention recipes from Jamie’s cookbooks).

You may request permission by using this form. However, please note that due to the large number of requests we receive it may take us a while to get back to you. Also, permission can only be granted in certain circumstances and sometimes we won't be able to give you permission. Nothing in these Terms grants you any legal rights in the Site other than as necessary to enable you to access the Site.

Using the Sharing Function

Content which you can share without our permission will show one or more of these options next to it:

  • ‘Share this recipe’
  • ‘E-mail’
  • Social media buttons for posting to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc
Here’s what you need to know before you use this Sharing Function:

  • You’ll still need to get our permission first for any business use
  • When you share to a social media platform their terms will apply and it’s your responsibility to make sure you comply with them - think before you share
  • You can’t remove any of our branding or logos
  • You can’t remove or change our credits or make it look like someone else made it
  • If not already included, add a hyperlink to the Content’s original location on the Site
  • You can’t add any branding, logos and so on, except for any branding that’s already within the Content
  • You can’t mix our Content with anything harmful, offensive or illegal (that includes anything that would harm our reputation!)
  • You can't charge others for using our Content
  • You can’t make it more prominent than non-Jamie Oliver content around it or otherwise make it look like we’re endorsing you or affiliated with you
  • You can’t make a website/app or offer any service of your own that contains only our Content
  • You can’t associate our Content with anyone else’s advertising or sponsorship or make it look like we’re endorsing or have a special relationship with anyone else
  • You can’t put ads over our Content or change it in any way
  • You are liable for anything that might happen to you as a result of using the Sharing Function

      Sharing information on the Site

      If you use any functionality this Site makes available that allows you to leave comments, please note that people may respond to these comments and that such responses may be abusive, untrue or unpleasant. Please be careful when using any messaging or commenting function not to reveal personal information such as your home or work contact details, your last name or where you live.

      We currently allow a company called ‘Disqus’ to provide the commenting function on our recipe pages – for more detail about them and how your personal information is used by them, please go to their Privacy Policy.

      When submitting any inquiries via our “Contact Us” page or by email or other means via the Site, you should not include any juicy stuff – no sensitive personal information, patentable ideas or patent applications, advertising or marketing suggestions, prototypes, or any other information that you regard as confidential, commercially sensitive or valuable (we’ll call these “Unwanted Information”). If you do submit any Unwanted Information to us, you agree that we may use any Unwanted Information as we see reasonably fit on a free-of-charge basis. We will not be legally responsible for keeping any Unwanted Information confidential and will not be legally responsible to you or anybody else for any use of such Unwanted Information.

      Accuracy of information and availability of the Site

      While we try to make sure that the Site is accurate, up-to-date and free from bugs, we can’t promise that it always will be. We also can’t promise that the Site will be fit or suitable for any purpose. If you rely on any of the information on this Site, it’s at your own risk.

      Our Content is provided for your enjoyment only and to inform you about Jamie Oliver’s products, news, features, services and other websites that may be of interest. None of it is nutritional, technical, financial or legal advice or any other type of advice and you shouldn’t rely on it for any purposes.

      While we try to make sure that the Site is available for your use 24/7 (hey, we want to be here when you need that cookie recipe for your midnight snack), we can’t promise that the Site will be available at all times and we don’t promise that your use of it will be uninterrupted. Also, while we hope never to do so, we can suspend or terminate operation of the Site at any time as we see fit.   

      ‘Sign-up to JamieOliver.com’

      This part of the Terms applies to www.jamieoliver.com only so when we talk about ‘the Site’ in this section we mean www.jamieoliver.com.

      In order to sign-up for a Jamieoliver.com account you have to accept and comply with these Terms and our Privacy Policy.

      You agree and confirm that if you sign-up for an account, you are 18 years old or over. We reserve the right to ask for written proof of age or eligibility from you. If we discover or suspect that you do not comply with the age requirements, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account immediately. Where there are any other restrictions or eligibility requirements, these will be set out on the Site.

      When you sign-up on the Site, you will be asked to enter your e-mail and a password (or use your social media or Google account log-in) which you can then use to access your account and participate in areas of the Site reserved for account holders only. You may add certain details about you in your account which will help us get to know you better. All personal information submitted on your account will be used and safeguarded in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

      Keep your log in details confidential. You must not disclose them to any third party. It’s your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password and you’re responsible for all activity that occurs under your account. We are unable to check the identity of people signing into accounts and we won’t be liable if someone else uses your password to log into your account.

      You should make sure you are the only person using your account. If any unauthorised person uses your account or any other breach of security happens – please let us know as soon as you become aware of it.

      Please note that we can suspend or terminate your account or access to any part of the Site at any time if you breach these Terms or if we need to for any technical reasons. We also reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Site or any part of it at any time and without notice or liability to you.

      If you no longer wish to have an account, you may terminate your account by following the “Cancel my Account” link on your profile page.

      Sign-up to our newsletters

      Some of our Sites may give you the options to sign-up to our Newsletters. You can decide not to receive these emails at any time in the Subscription Centre, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of our emails or by clicking 'Change contact preferences' in your profile (if you have a jamieoliver.com account). If you're having any issues unsubscribing please email unsubscribe@jamieoliver.com.

      You may also be subscribed to our friends’ over at Jamie’s Italian Limited’s news and offers (for Jamie’s Italian, Barbecoa or Fifteen restaurants, or Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School). If you wish to unsubscribe from their communications you can follow the unsubscribe link in their emails or email them directly on unsubscribe@jamieoliver-rg.com.  

      Hyperlinks and third party sites

      The Site may contain hyperlinks or references to third party websites including (but not only):

      • selected supermarket websites, via the ‘Shop this Recipe’ function (more on that below)
      • social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
      • third party advertising

      To be clear, any such hyperlinks or references are provided for your convenience only. We have no control over third party websites and accept no legal responsibility for any content, material or information contained in them.

      If we show any hyperlink and reference to any third party website it doesn’t mean that we endorse that third party's website, products or services. If you use a third party site you are subject to the terms and conditions of that site.

      Each individual advertiser is solely responsible for the content of its advertising material on the Site. We accept no responsibility for individual advertisers’ content, including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy.   

      ‘Shop this Recipe’

      Subject to availability and depending on your location, you may be given the option to purchase products from selected retailers through the ‘Shop this Recipe’ function of the Site.

      ‘Shop this Recipe’ will automatically add the ingredients to an online shopping basket with your chosen retailer. You will then be transferred to the website of your selected retailer to review and complete your purchase. If you use this function, you acknowledge and agree that you will be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of that retailer’s website. You may also be required to hold an account with that retailer before you can progress with your purchase.

      Please note that all products are subject to availability. Where a product is out of stock, an alternative product may be recommended by the retailer. We won’t be held responsible for the availability or suitability of the products you purchase and we urge you to carefully review the content of your shopping basket before proceeding with any purchase.

      If you decide to purchase any products, goods, or services from any selected retailer website, you do so entirely at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any mistakes or discrepancies that may appear in your shopping basket.   

      Limitation on our liability

      Now for the boring stuff - except for any legal responsibility that we cannot exclude in law (such as for death or personal injury), we are not legally responsible for any:

        • losses that:
          (a) were not foreseeable to you and us when these Terms were formed (which means any losses that neither you nor us could reasonably anticipate when the Terms were entered into); or
          (b) that were not caused by any breach on our part
        • business losses; and
        • losses to non-consumers.


      No one other than you and us has any right to enforce any of these Terms.


      We will try to resolve any disputes with you quickly and efficiently. You are important to us. We have a friendly complaint handling procedure but you need to tell us first why you may be unhappy with us please contact us here as soon as possible. If you and we cannot resolve a dispute using our complaint handling procedure, we will:

      • let you know that we cannot settle the dispute with you; and
      • give you certain information required by law about our alternative dispute resolution provider. You may also use the online dispute resolution (ODR) platform to resolve the dispute with us. For more details, please visit the website on the 'Your Europe' portal: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/
      If you want to take court proceedings, the relevant courts of the England will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to this Policy.  This means, relevant English law will apply to this Policy.

      Last update

      These Terms were last updated on 23 May 2018. We may vary these Terms from time to time without advance notice (usually that’ll be because we add a new feature to the Site but it might also just be because we’ve spotted a typo, we hate typos!). Our updated terms will be displayed on the Site and if you continue to use and access the Site following such changes, you agree to be bound by the latest version. It is your responsibility to check these Terms from time to time for such variations (think of it as another excuse to visit us!).

      Terms for Contributions

      About these Terms

      These Terms apply to all ‘Contributions’ made to Jamie Oliver Limited and/or our direct and indirect affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, ‘we’ or ‘us’). A ‘Contribution’ is something you make and submit to us, it includes:

      • posts from social media accounts
      • videos and clips
      • pictures
      • recipes
      • reviews
      • questions
      • comments
      • competition entries
      • all other ‘user-generated content’ (that means, content you make) 

      When these Terms apply

      You agree to these Terms if you upload a Contribution to one of our websites, mobile sites, or social media pages (including Jamie’s personal social media accounts - each called a ‘Website’ from here on) or if you submit a Contribution in response to a request from us.

      For example, if you post a selfie on your (public) Instagram account of you covering your eyes with the hashtag #AdEnough in response to a call out from Jamie’s Instagram account, or if you call/text/tweet us during one of our live programmes – you choose to allow us to use your Contribution and these Terms will apply.

      In addition to these Terms, our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy will apply if you visit and/or submit your Contribution to: www.jamieoliver.com, www.jamiesministryoffood.com, or www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com.

      Needless to say, if you don’t agree with anything in these Terms, or wish to keep any content, information, ideas, concepts or inventions private or proprietary to you, do not post them to the Website, respond to our requests, or otherwise submit them to us.

      What we can do with you Contribution

      If your Contribution is selected by us, we may show or use it on our Website or in other marketing, advertising or promotions - together with your name and other identifying information provided (including any social media identifier, handle or profile picture). If you would like to know more about how we handle personal information we receive as part of your Contributions, please see our Privacy Policy.

      We do not, unless we agree this with you, claim any rights of ownership in your Contribution. That means you keep all ownership rights in your Contribution and, although we will be able to use the Contribution as set out in these Terms, you will also have the right to use your Contribution in any way you choose. If we ever plan to acquire ownership of your Contribution this will be made clear on the relevant Website (or in the relevant campaign) and you will then be able to choose whether to provide your Contribution on that basis.

      In ‘legal speak’, the two paragraphs above mean that if you submit a Contribution to us, you are granting us an unconditional, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully transferable, perpetual worldwide licence to use, publish and/or transmit, and to authorise third-parties to use, publish and/or transmit your Contribution including without limitation any social media identifier, handle, profile picture, image, likeness, posts, statements or other information provided by you, in any form, media, or technology, whether now known or hereafter developed in connection with our marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

      You agree that this includes the right for us to make such Contribution available to other companies, organizations or individuals who partner with us for the syndication, broadcast, distribution or publication of your Contribution on other media and services, subject always to these Terms. You also agree that in the event we receive any royalties, compensation or other payments associated with exercising the rights granted to us under these Terms, you can’t claim any right to any portion of such royalties, compensation or other payments.

      Conditions that apply to your Contributions

      Before you submit a Contribution to us, you must make sure:

      • that you are 18 years or older;
      • that if children are featured in the Contribution, you are the parent/guardian with legal responsibility of any minors depicted in the Contribution and have their permission to include them
      • that the Contribution is original to you and does not infringe the copyright, intellectual property, or any other right of any person or company
      • that the Contribution is not defamatory, obscene or sexually oriented, abusive, vulgar, offensive, indecent, harassing, threatening
      • that the Contribution is not in contempt of court
      • that the Contribution does not promote or threaten violence toward anyone or advance criminal activities, including terrorism, human trafficking or modern slavery
      • that the Contribution does not breach any person's privacy and you have the rights from any and all persons and/or companies appearing in such Contribution to use their names, images or likenesses
      • that nothing in the Contribution constitutes illegal activity or conduct that could give rise to liability or encourage others to take part in criminal conduct or conduct that could give rise to liability
      • that the Contribution does not include an advertisement, promotion, commercial solicitation, contest or survey
      • that the Contribution does not contain, transmit or disseminate spam, chain letters, viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage or adversely affect the operation of another's computer, the Website, or any software, hardware or other related equipment
      We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to edit any Contribution and to choose to include, not include or remove a Contribution from our Website or any other materials where the Contribution may appear.

      Our responsibility

      You agree that we are not responsible for, and have no liability for any Contribution submitted by you or other users and published by us or by authorised third parties.

      You agree to hold harmless and release us, along with our respective officers, directors, employees, agents, assigns, licensees and successors, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action (collectively ‘claims’) that you or your heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on your behalf or on behalf of your estate have or may have, whether now in in the future, relating to the use of your Contribution, including without limitation, any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, rights of publicity or copyright, or any other right you may have.

      Please contact us at via this form if you have any questions or concerns about a Contribution or about these Terms.

      Last update

      These Terms were last updated on 23 May 2018. We may vary these Terms from time to time without advance notice. Our updated terms will be displayed on the Website and each time you submit a Contribution to us, you agree to be bound by the latest version.

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      About this Privacy Policy

      This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we hold about you, how we collect it, and how we use and may share information about you. It relates to any personal information we collect from you via:  

      • our Websites: jamieoliver.com, jamiesministryoffood.com, jamiesfoodrevoultion.com and any other Jamie Oliver website that links to this Privacy Policy
      • our Social Pages: social media pages and accounts for “Jamie Oliver”, “Jamie’s Food Revolution”, “Jamie’s Ministry of Food UK”
      • our Services: our subscription services and any other Jamie Oliver services that link to this Privacy Policy.
      It also relates to any personal information you provide or submit to us by email, phone, SMS, on social media (for example in response to a competition or promotion), in letters and in person.  This Privacy Policy should be read together with our:  

      There may be other privacy policies or terms and conditions that apply to certain services we provide or promotions/competitions we run. Please always read these when you participate in these promotions or register for these services.  

      This Privacy Policy does not apply to any Jamie Oliver restaurants or cookery school’s websites or social media pages – for privacy information about Jamie’s restaurants or cookery school, please visit:

      Who we are

      When you visit our Websites, use our Services, or interact with us via our Social Pages or otherwise submit information to us, Jamie Oliver Limited (‘us’ and ‘we’) is a ‘data controller’ and gathers and uses certain information about you. When we do so we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and will still apply to the United Kingdom even after Brexit.  Other companies might sell Jamie Oliver-branded products or provide Jamie Oliver related services under licence.  Please make sure you always check the privacy policy of the websites you use so you know who runs the website and how they will use your personal information.

      Information we collect about you

      The types of information we collect about you depends on how you interact with us. There are three ways in which we may collect your personal information:  

      1. directly from you;
      2. from other sources; and
      3. automatically.
      The table set out at the bottom of this policy sets out in detail the information we collect and hold about you by each of these methods. For a summary, read below.

      1.  Information we receive directly from you

      Whenever you interact with us directly, we receive information from you, for example when you:    

      • contact us, for example by using the contact forms on our Websites, by using Facebook Messenger, or by e-mailing us
      • sign-up for an account with jamieoliver.com
      • sign up to receive any of our marketing or newsletters
      • subscribe to one of our Services (for example, “Five Day Veggie Challenge”)
      • enter any competitions or prize draws we run
      • comment on recipes and content on the Websites
      • submit content to us, for example if you post a selfie and use one of our hashtags on your public social media account in response to one of our competitions (please also read our Terms for Contributions)

      2.  Information received from other sources

      Sometimes we also obtain information about you from other sources, for example when you:  

      • use any of our Services or Website Functions which enable you to sign-in via a third party service, for example if you log-in to your jamieoliver.com account with Facebook or comment on a recipe using Disqus - we receive some of your account information
      • use the Jamie Oliver e-commerce website to purchase any products - if you allow us to, we receive information from the website operator about which products you purchase
      • complete one of our surveys – we receive your answers and any personal information you provide within your answers from Survey Monkey
      • apply to be an audience member or participate in one of our TV programmes
      For more details about the types of information we receive from these and other sources, including where it is held and where it came from, see the table below.

      3.  Information we collect automatically 

      When you access and browse any of our Websites or use our Services, we collect information about your usage and activity on our Websites or Services using certain technologies, such as cookies and web beacons. Depending on the cookie settings in your browser and the cookie preferences you set when you first access our Websites or Services, our third-party service providers, advertisers, and/or partners may also place view, edit, or set their own cookies. If you would like to find out more about cookies, including how we use them and what choices are available to you, please refer to our Cookie Policy.  

      How we use your personal information

      We explain the ways in which we plan to use your personal information and the legal basis on which we rely for each use in the table below and in our Cookie Policy.  Generally, the reasons we use your personal information can be categorised as follows:  

      • to personalise our Services to you
      • to enable you to partake in our prize draws or competitions
      • to maintain and improve our Services and our Websites’ infrastructure
      • to sell advertising space on the Websites – this allows us to provide certain sections of our Websites (and our delicious recipes!) to you for free
      • if you have opted-in to this, or where otherwise allowed by law, to market our products and services to you

      Where we propose to use your personal information for any other uses we will ensure that we notify you first.

      Who we share your personal information with

      We may share your information with our affiliated companies, business partners, service providers and other third parties to provide our Websites and Services and fulfil your requests, and as otherwise consented to by you or as permitted by applicable law.   

      With other Jamie Oliver Companies

      We routinely share infrastructure, resources and technology with Jamie Oliver Productions Ltd and Jamie Oliver Licensing Ltd (‘Jamie Oliver Companies’). This means any personal information we hold about you may be shared with these companies. This helps us provide you with a relevant, and consistent experience across all Jamie Oliver platforms. All Jamie Oliver Companies are located in the United Kingdom.   Sometimes, as noted in the table below, we may also share your personal information with Jamie’s Italian Limited. For example, if we receive an inquiry from you about a Jamie Oliver restaurant we may pass it on to Jamie’s Italian Limited and you may be contacted by one of their employees directly. Jamie’s Italian Limited is located in the United Kingdom.   

      With Third-Party Partners

      We work with suppliers and other companies who help us provide and improve our Websites and Services. Sometimes, these third parties may need to have access to your personal information to provide us with services or to provide services on our behalf. The table below names (or where this is not possible, names the categories) of third parties with whom the information we collect and hold may be shared. Generally, they fall within the following categories:    

      • Advertisers

      We work with third-party advertising companies (currently Core Audience, Inc. and SpotX, Inc., both located in the USA) to serve ads while you are visiting our Websites. If you opt-in to our Advertising Cookies, we permit these companies to place and access their own cookies on your computer in the course of serving advertisements on our Websites. The information these companies may obtain through their cookies does not include your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further information about Advertising Cookies.

      • Partners offering Jamie Oliver-branded products and services

      When you buy a product from the Jamie Oliver e-commerce website, the operator of that website (The Hut Group Limited) will receive the information you share with them to complete the transaction, including shipping and contact details. The Hut Group Limited is located in the UK.

      If you contact us with an inquiry relating to any Jamie Oliver branded products, we may pass on your inquiry to one of our licensees (i.e. the company responsible for producing and selling the relevant product to you) and they may respond directly to you. Our current licensees are based in the EEA and Brazil.

      Other companies might sell Jamie Oliver-branded products or provide Jamie Oliver related services under licence. Please make sure you always check the privacy policy of the websites you use so you know who runs the website and how they will use your personal information. 

      • Vendors and service providers

      We provide information and content to vendors and service providers who support our business, such as by providing technical infrastructure services, analysing how our Websites and services are used, providing customer service, facilitating payments, conducting surveys, or providing fraud detection service.   

      We may also need to share personal information with other parties, such as external contractors and our professional advisers and potential purchasers of some or all of our business or on a re-structuring. Usually, information will be anonymised but this may not always be possible. We contractually bind all third parties with whom we share personal information to keep your information confidential and to use it only for the purpose of providing their services and pursuant to the applicable privacy legislation in the EU. Some of these third-party recipients may be based outside the European Economic Area — for further information including on how we safeguard your personal data when this occurs, see the section about ‘Transfer of your information out of the EEA’ below. Please note we may also be required to share some personal information as required to comply with the law.  

      Whether information has to be provided by you, and if so why

      We’ve outlined in the table below, why each category of personal information we collect from you is required from us to be able to perform the purpose to which it relates and the possible consequences of failing to provide such information. We seek to ensure that our information collection and processing is always proportionate. We will inform you at the point of collecting information from you, whether you are required to provide the information to us or not.  We will notify you of any changes to information we collect from you or to the purposes for which we collect and process it.

      How long your personal information will be kept

      Jamieoliver.com account holders

      When you cancel your jamieoliver.com account we delete all your personal information but we keep a record of the fact that your account was deleted for a reasonable period of time. If you have not logged-in to your account for a long time, we will send you an email to let you know that your account has been set to a ‘dormant’ status and that it will be deleted if you do not take action within one month on the email date. Please note we may retain information from deleted accounts to comply with the law, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation, enforce the Terms of Use and take other actions permitted by law.    

      Other personal information

      We will keep your personal information while you have an account with us or we are providing any Services to you (including any marketing or newsletter services).   Thereafter, we will keep your personal information for as long as is necessary:    

      We will not retain your personal information for longer than necessary for the purposes set out in this policy and when it is no longer necessary to retain your personal information, we will delete or anonymise it. Different retention periods apply for different types of personal information. If you require further details, please see below ‘How to contact us’.

      Reasons we can collect and use your personal information

      This section addresses the legal basis for processing your personal data. Some processing is addressed in multiple sections in the Table set out below because more than one legal basis may apply depending on the circumstances or service and to make it easy for you.   

      The legal basis on which we rely in each instance where we collect and use your personal data, generally, are:   

      • to fulfil and enforce our Terms of Use, Terms for Contributions and any other contract we have with you
      • consistent with your consent, which, for newsletters and marketing, you may revoke at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of our emails or by clicking 'Change contact preferences' in your profile (if you have a jamieoliver.com account) - if you're having any issues unsubscribing please email unsubscribe@jamieoliver.com
      • as necessary for our (or others’) legitimate interests, including our interests in providing safe Website/Services, fraud detection, tailoring your experience on our Websites/Services, knowing how customers use our Website/Services and products, keeping our Websites/Services updated and relevant, developing our business and informing our marketing

      Transfer of your information out of the EEA 

      To deliver the Websites and our Services to you, it is sometimes necessary for us to share your personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA), eg:   

      • with your and our service providers located outside the EEA
      • if you are based outside the EEA

      These transfers are subject to special rules under European and UK data protection law.  The following countries to which we may transfer personal information have been assessed by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for personal information: Andorra, Argentina, Canada (commercial organisations), Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay and the USA (limited to the Privacy Shield framework).  Except for these countries, non-EEA countries do not have the same data protection laws as the United Kingdom and EEA. We will, however, ensure any transfer to such countries complies with data protection law and all personal information will be secure. Our standard practice is to use standard data protection model contract clauses that have been approved by the European Commission (as permitted under Article 46(2) of the General Data Protection Regulation) or to only transfer your data to companies that are registered with the Privacy Shield (for transfers to the USA).  If you would like further information please see ‘How to contact us’ below.

      Your rights

      Under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 you have a number of important rights free of charge. In summary, you have the right to access your personal data and require that we rectify any errors in the data that we hold, or request that we erase your personal data subject to certain limitations. In some circumstances, you can also require that we restrict the way we process your personal data, object to its processing or request a copy of your personal data for the purposes of transmitting elsewhere. Where we have requested and obtained your consent to process particular information, you may withdraw that consent at any time. However if we do not hold all the data we need to administer contracts, orders, competitions or challenges you entered into, we may not be able to provide you with these benefits any longer.   

      For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on individuals rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.  

      If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please send your request to legal@jamieoliver.com or write to us at “Data Protection Officer, Benwell House, 15-21 Benwell Road, London, England” and:

      • let us have enough information to identify you (eg your full name and contact details - including your email address); and
      • let us know which right you want to exercise and the information to which your request relates (eg details of the specific information you require and any relevant dates).

      Please note that we may ask you to provide proof of identity when considering your request.  If your request relates to unsubscribing from any newsletters or marketing, you can do this at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of our emails or by clicking 'Change contact preferences' in your profile (if you have a jamieoliver.com account).  If you're having any issues unsubscribing please email unsubscribe@jamieoliver.com. Please note it may take up to 14 days for your unsubscribe request to take effect (and you may continue to receive our emails during this time). 

      Keeping your personal information secure

      We have appropriate security measures in place to prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed in an unauthorised way. We limit access to your personal information to those who have a genuine business need to know it. Those processing your information will do so only in an authorised manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality. We continually test our systems to make sure the level of security matches any risk and we run regular security tests by ISO 27001 certified partners. Our Websites use HTTPS which means that all data transferred from your web browser to our servers is encrypted. Our data servers are located in the United Kingdom. We also have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach.  We will notify you and any applicable regulator of a suspected data security breach where we are legally required to do so. 

      C detailed information on how to protect your information and your computers and devices against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other online problems, please visit www.getsafeonline.org. Get Safe Online is supported by HM Government and leading businesses.

      How to complain

      We hope that we can resolve any query or concern you raise about our use of your information.
      The General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 also give you the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the European Union (or European Economic Area) state where you work, normally live or where any alleged infringement of data protection laws occurred. The supervisory authority in the UK is the Information Commissioner who may be contacted at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/ or telephone: 0303 123 1113.

      Changes to this privacy notice

      This privacy notice was published o
      n 23 May 2018 and last updated on 10 July 2018.  We may change this privacy notice from time to time, when we do we will we will post the changes on the Website. Where the changes are significant, we will inform all our registered users by email. Where required by law, will we obtain your consent to make these changes.

      How to contact us

      Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy notice or the information we hold about you.
      If you wish to contact us please: 

      • use this form, OR
      • send an email to legal@jamieoliver.com, OR
      • write to us at Benwell House, 15-21 Benwell Road, London, England, N7 7BL

      Do you need extra help? 

      If you have difficulty reading the Table and/or would like this notice in another format (for example: audio, large print, braille) please contact us (see ‘How to contact us’ above).

      More about the information we collect and hold

      The information we collect How we collect the information Why we collect the information How we use and may share the information

      Information you provide during the “sign-up” process on jamieoliver.com:

      - e-mail address
      - first name and last name
      - gender
      - food preferences
      - family status (e.g children)
      - location

      If you log-in with Social Media account credentials, we receive the information that you make available through the applicable Social Media or third party platform and that the applicable Social Media or third party platform has made available to us, in accordance with the privacy or other settings that are applicable to your Social Media or third party platform account.

      From you

      From any Social Media or third party platform you log-in with


      Performance of a contract with you

      For our legitimate interests (to study how customers use our products/ services, to develop them and grow our business)

      The minimum information we need to register you with a jamieoliver.com account is your name, email address and a password.

      We use this information to identify you and provide you with the services you subscribe to, and where available, account-holder exclusive content.

      We also allow you to answer voluntary questions during the registration process (for example your food preferences and family status). We use this information to personalise the services (including any marketing or newsletters you have opted-in to receive) we provide to you and to better understand who our audience is and what content they are interested in.

      Information you provide if you sign up to receive any of our marketing or newsletters (and if you subsequently update your marketing preferences): 

      - your name
      - e-mail address and
      - marketing preferences

      From you


      Necessary to comply with a legal obligation

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to keep our records updated and to study how customers use our products/ services)

      To promote Jamie Oliver products and services and deliver you the marketing communications you’re subscribed to.

      To update your preferences and unsubscribe you if request to.

      To manage our relationship with you, including to let you know about changes to our policies and terms.

      Information you provide when you subscribe to one of our Exclusive Content Services (for example, “Five Day Veggie Challenge”):

      - account and authentication information
      - profile
      - contact information
      - payment confirmation (from our payment processors)
      - usage information

      From you

      From our payment processor

      Performance of a contract with you

      Necessary to comply with a legal obligation

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to keep our records updated and to study how customers use our products/services)

      To process your subscription and deliver the service to you - including manage payments.

      To collect information about how you use the Service, such as the type of content you view or engage with; the features you use; the actions you take; and the time, frequency and duration of your activities. We use this information to understand how our Services can be improved and made more relevant to our audience.

      Information you provide when you partake in one of our prize draws or competitions:

      - the information contained in your entry
      - your publicly available social media account details - when you partake via social media

      From you

      Performance of a contract with you (the terms applicable to the prize draw or competition)

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to develop our business and inform our marketing strategy)

      To enable you to partake in a prize draw or competition and to communicate with you if you win.

      We may use and re-publish personal information as part of our campaigns or to announce the winners on social media. Please see our Terms for Contributions and refer to the Terms and Conditions specific to the competition/prize draw.

      Information provided when you complete one of our surveys

      From Survey Monkey (a third party survey platform) - if you respond to one of our surveys via Survey Monkey

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to study how customers use our products/services, to develop them and grow our business)

      To collect feedback and suggestions from our customers and to better understand our audience.

      Our surveys are powered by SurveyMonkey Inc., which is located in the USA. Accordingly, your information will be transferred to the USA. SurveyMonkey Inc. has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Its Privacy Policy is available here.

      Information you include in an inquiry or feedback

      From ZenDesk - If you contact us by using the “Contact” form on our Websites or by sending us an e-mail.

      From a social media platform - if you contact us using Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Twitter.

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to respond to customers enquiries about our products/services)

      To allow you to contact us with and to respond to your enquiry and collect feedback.

      May be shared with Jamie’s Italian Limited. Jamie’s Italian Limited is located in the UK.

      May be shared with our third party licensees (and you may be contacted directly by them) our licensees are currently based in the EEA and Brazil.

      ZenDesk Inc. powers our ‘Contact’ form. It is based in the USA and may transfer you personal information outside the EEA. When doing so, it relies on binding corporate rules (BCR) approved by the European data protection authorities or on other lawful measures, such as the EU standard contractual clauses or the Privacy Shield Framework - see its Privacy Policy.

      Information shared and made publicly accessible by you when you comment on recipes and content on our Websites, Services or Social Pages.

      When you comment on recipes and content on our Websites, Services or Social Pages we do not receive any personal information other than that made available to us in your comment (including, if applicable, your social media handle and profile photo).

      From you

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to view and respond to customers comments and feedback about our products/services)

      To allow you to comment on recipes and content on our Websites.

      The commenting function on our Websites is powered by Disqus Inc., which is located in the USA. Accordingly your personal information will be transferred to the USA. Disqus Inc. has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Its Privacy Policy is available here.

      We may use and re-publish personal information and content made publicly available within comments. Please see our Terms for Contributions.

      Information about purchase(s) you make on our e-commerce website - if you give permission for your purchase information to be passed on to us at the time of check-out.

      From the Hut Group Limited


      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to define types of customers for our products and services, to keep our website updated and relevant, to develop our business and to inform our marketing strategy)

      We use this information to define types of customers for our products and offer a more relevant, tailored service (for instance, to make sure we don’t show you an ad for a book you’ve already purchased).

      Our e-commerce website is powered by the Hut Group Limited, which is located in the UK. Its privacy policy is available within the e-commerce website. here.

      If you fill in and submit our online form to be part an audience member or participate in one of our programmes, we collect the personal information you provide in the form.

      Sometimes, we may ask you to provide us sensitive personal information (e.g. if you're sending in an application to be an audience member on a TV programme we may need to know whether you have any food allergies). When we do this we will provide further information about why we are collecting your information and how we will use it.

      From Typeform

      Consent (or, if you provide sensitive personal information, the fact it has been ‘manifestly made public’ to us)

      Performance of a contract with you (if you sign one of our contributor/release forms)

      Necessary for our legitimate interests (to recruit audience members and participants for our programmes)

      To select and invite audience members and participants for our TV programmes. We may also keep your information and contact you if similar opportunities to the one you expressed interest in arise in the future.

      This form is powered by Typeform S.L., which is located in Spain. Typeform S.L. stores personal information in the EU and in the USA. Typerform’s Privacy Policy is available here.

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      Competition Terms and Conditions

      Jamie’s Epic Christmas Giveaway

      Last update: 11 December 2017

      1. The prize draw is open to persons aged 18 years or over who reside in the United Kingdom, except:

      • a. employees of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies;
      • b. employees of agents or suppliers of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies, who are professionally connected with the competition or its administration; or
      • c. members of the immediate families or households of (a) or (b) above.

      2. The prize draw is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.  A purchase will  not improve the entrant’s chances of winning.
      3. To enter this competition entrants must fill in and submit the form available at http://stage.jamieoliver.com/competitions/jamies-epic-christmas-giveaway/.
      4. Only one entry per person is permitted.  Every entrant has an equal chance of winning the competition.  Each entrant’s chance of winning will depend on the number of entries received.
      5. The opening date for entries is 12.00pm on 12 December 2017 and the closing date for entries is 12.00pm on 18 December 2017.  Entries received after this time will not be valid.
      6. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for entries not successfully completed due to a technical fault (including a technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure, satellite, network or server failure) of any kind.
      7. A winner will be chosen by random draw performed by a computer process on 18 December 2017 after 12.00pm at Benwell House, 15-21 Benwell Road, London, N7 7BL.
      8. The winner will receive all of the prizes specified in the schedule to these competition terms and conditions (the Prizes).  That schedule also specifies any additional conditions that apply in relation to each of the Prizes.
      9. The winner will be notified by telephone (using details provided at entry) on 18 December 2017 and must, if required, provide a postal address and email address to claim their prize. If a winner does not respond to the Promoter:

      • on the day he or she is notified by the Promoter (18 December 2017), then the winner will forfeit his or her prize of a voucher for a whole Paul Kelly turkey.  The reason for this short timeframe is that the Paul Kelly turkey needs to, due to timeframes for Christmas deliveries, be ordered by no later than 19 December 2017.  If the Winner does not respond to the Promoter by 11.59pm on 18 December 2017, then the Promoter will be entitled to select another winner for the prize of a voucher for a whole Paul Kelly turkey in accordance with the process described above;
      • and within 28 days of being notified by the Promoter, then the remaining Prizes will be forfeited and the Promoter will be entitled to select another winner in accordance with the process described above.

      10. The winner of the competition consents to his or her name and country being made available on request.
      11. Most of the Prizes will be sent to the winner by post or email within 28 days of being notified of their win, with the following exceptions:

      • the Tefal pack will be sent to the winner within eight weeks of being notified of their win; and
      • delivery of the Hotpoint kitchen will be arranged to take place by 31 January 2018.  Adverse weather conditions could impact on delivery dates of the Hotpoint kitchen appliances. Neither the Promoter nor Whirlpool is responsible for delays due to adverse weather conditions.

      12. The Prizes for the winner:

      • are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered;
      • cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion (including any offer or promotion of Jamie’s Italian, Barbecoa, Kelly Turkeys and Landrover); and
      • do not include any costs for travel required by the winner to claim the full benefit of their Prizes.  The winner is responsible for any and all costs of any travel required to claim their Prizes.

      13. The Prizes (except the Hotpoint kitchen) are supplied by the Promoter.  The Hotpoint kitchen is supplied by Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited (Whirlpool). The Promoter and Whirlpool reserve the right to replace the Prizes with alternative Prizes of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond the Promoter’s or Whirlpool’s control makes it necessary to do so.
      14. The decision of the Promoter regarding any aspect of the prize draw is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
      15. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions upon entry. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry, or refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.
      16. The Promoter reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend, or amend the promotion where it becomes necessary to do so.
      17. Insofar as is permitted by law,  the Promoter, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss or damage occurring as a result of taking up the Prizes except where it is caused by the negligence of the Promoter, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.
      18. Personal data supplied during the course of this promotion may be passed on to third party suppliers only insofar as required for delivery of the Prizes.
      19. The prize draw will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
      The Promoter of this prize draw is Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited of Benwell House, 15-21 Benwell Road, London, N7 7BL, United Kingdom (+44 (0) 20 3375 5601).  Any complaints in relation to the conduct of this competition by the Promoter should be lodged with the Promoter at this address.
      20. Schedule of Prizes and conditions attaching to those prizes

      • One voucher for a whole turkey from Paul Kelly valued at £76.36.  This Prize is subject to the terms and conditions of that voucher.  The winner must advise the Promoter of the delivery address for the turkey by no later than 19 December 2017  and the turkey can only be delivered to addresses in the mainland of Great Britain on 22 December 2017.
      • One entire signed back catalogue of Jamie Oliver’s books valued at £520.  The back catalogue includes the following books: Jamie’s Italy, Jamie’s Kitchen, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, The Return of the Naked Chef, The Naked Chef, Jamie’s Dinners, Everyday Superfood, Jamie at Home, Jamie does… , Cook with Jamie, Jamie Oliver Christmas Cookbook, Superfood Family Classics, Jamie’s Great Britain, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, Jamie’s America, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Jamie’s Comfort Food, Save with Jamie and 5 Ingredients – Quick and Easy Food.
      • One Tefal pack containing 28cm frying pan, 18cm saucepan, 20cm saucepan, a roasting tray and a stockpot valued at £150.
      • One Landrover teddy bear valued at £35.
      • One Merison dinnerware pack (pack contains four mugs, four plates, four side plates and four bowls).
      • One Fiddes Payne bundle (bundle contains three packs of ‘Lovely Lentils’, three packs of ‘Moroccan Salad’, three packs of ‘Black Daal’, three packs of ‘Curried Chickpeas’, three packs of ‘Tomato and Onion Quinoa’, three packs of ‘Chilli Spelt’, three bottles of BBQ seasoning, three Szechuan pepper grind mills, one salt grinder and one pepper mill) (valued at £85.50).
        One Viva bundle of oils (bundle contains everyday olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar) valued at £12.
      • The following Hotpoint kitchen appliances (including delivery and installation) (valued at £2229.97 in total):
        • one Hotpoint Class 9 SI9 891 SP IX Electric Single Built In Oven – Stainless Steel (valued at £609.99);
        • one Hotpoint FTGHG 751 D/H BK Gas Hob – Black (valued at £609.99); and
          Hotpoint Day1 XUL85 T3Z XOV Fridge Freezer – (Stainless Steel) valued at £1,009.99.
      • A single space in a cooking lesson given by Jamie Oliver at Jamie Oliver’s Shepherd’s Bush Cookery School in London on 23 January 2018 between 11.00am and 2.00pm valued at £150 (cooking lesson is not one-on-one and will be given by Jamie Oliver in a class of approximately 12 persons).
      • One Caccuma coffee pot and a year’s supply of ground coffee from Kimbo Coffee (twelve 250g tins of BIO blend ground coffee and twelve 250g tins of classic traditional Napoletano blend ground coffee) valued at £250.
      • One voucher for Jamie’s Italian valued at £200.  This prize is subject to the terms and conditions of that voucher.  The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue and no cash alternative will be given for any remaining balance.
      • One DKB pack valued at £107 containing:
        • one bakeware set bundle (each bundle contains a baking sheet, 20cm round cake tin, 25cm tart tin, 1LB loaf tin, two spatulas and a cake slice);
        • and one utensil bundle (each bundle contains a paring knife, a utility knife, a chef’s knife, shears and five cookie cutters).
      • One voucher for a complimentary afternoon tea for up to two persons at Barbecoa Piccadilly valued at up to £100.  This prize is subject to the terms and conditions of that voucher (available at www.barbecoa.com/terms).  The voucher is valid between 2 January 2018 and 28 February 2018, is only redeemable on the afternoon tea menu and can only be used in one transaction for dine in only.   The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or set menu.  No cash alternative is available.  A booking is required.
      • One Luxury Christmas hamper from Waitrose (non-perishables) valued at £200.
      • One full day Landrover Experience voucher at an approved UK Land Rover Experience Centre valued at £400.  This prize is subject to the terms and conditions of that voucher.  The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and participants must be 23 or over with a current full UK driving licence for at least the last 12 months.

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