Heart’s Kindness & Community Award

This person – student or staff member – has shown real kindness through food at school and in their local community. This could be setting up community fridges to raising money for local food banks.

Thanks to our sponsors Tefal, the winner will have the chance to become star for the day, joining forces with one of our celebrity judges to create a recipe video to go out on Jamie’s channels, plus they’ll get to take home all the cooking equipment used on the day (after it’s been washed up, of course!)

The Sun’s Catering Team Champions

This award is for the catering team that shows real dedication to the food it provides and the pupils it serves.

Thanks to our sponsors Tefal, the hard-working catering team will get their own home kitchens kitted out with a bundle of Tefal’s products. The bundle includes some of Jamie’s favourite kitchen kit, as well as some brilliant cooking appliances.

The One Show’s Rising Star

Schools that are on a brilliant journey and have the highest aspirations will be in the running for this award, and may be working in particularly tough circumstances.

Thanks to The One Show, this winner will take part in a cookery segment on BBC1’s Morning Live programme.


The Food for Fuel Award with Joe Wicks

This person is all about getting kids to eat good food and be active, benefitting their mind, body and soul.

The lucky winner will get a school visit from Joe Wicks himself – he’ll host a workout for the whole school followed by a Q&A.

Youth Activist of the Year

This is for an activist who has campaigned to make change through food – whether that’s to make school food fairer, or better for the planet, taking action to improve pupils’ health, or taking inspiring action in their community.

The winner will be given the full VIP treatment at Jamie Oliver HQ: going behind the scenes with the campaigns team and learning the tricks of the trade from experts in the world of content and social media.

Food Educator of the Year

This food educator is a real star, going above and beyond to inspire students through the joy of food.

Thanks to our friends at Wonde, this educator will get 10 Google Chromebooks to enable access to ingredient lists, cooking videos, lesson plans and worksheets. Plus, we’ll treat the winner and some friends to a special Jamie Oliver Cookery School cooking class.


Sustainability Stars

Going to the schools that are dedicated to making the food they serve sustainable.

Thanks to CBBC’s Blue Peter Gardener and BBC Teach Presenter Lee Connelly, as well as our friends at Wonde, the winning school will get Lee’s School Gardening Success programme which consists of video lesson plans, amazing equipment for growing and dedicated teacher support.

Governor or School Leader Food Hero

We know that governors and school leaders have a huge role to play. This person has a vision and has empowered the people around them to achieve it.

Thanks to Puffin, the winning school leader will get a bundle of brilliant books, including signed copies of Billy and the Giant adventure signed by Jamie Oliver, to kit out their library and fuel their pupils’ imagination!

And thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph, this winner will also be able to do a unique TikTok content masterclass with the incredible Seema Pankhania, an ex-MOB Kitchen chef, and their students.



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