Wondering what drink to serve for that special occasion or what type of food will go best with your favourite cocktail? We’ve pulled together some of our best drink and recipe combinations, right here.

Wondering what drink to serve for that special occasion or what type of food will go best with your favourite cocktail? We’ve pulled together some of our best drink and recipe combinations, right here.


Light, refreshing dishes don’t need overpowering with robust flavours such as whisky or tequila; you need a delicate balance to ensure the flavours of both the drink and the salad can be appreciated. You can also add a salad garnish in your drink as well – cucumber adds a gorgeous, fresh twist to many cocktails.

Spicy Food

Do you crave hot curries, broths with bite and chilli con carne? Addictive, warming and deeply satisfying, spicy food ticks so many boxes that cocktails are natural partners. From the creamy to the citrussy, there are infinite possibilities.


Don’t spend all night mixing when you should be partying yourself. Stress-free, quick mixes are the way to go to ensure you‘re not stuck in the kitchen crushing ice and blending complicated concoctions when the DJ’s smashing out some party favourites. Pitchers and punches are perfect for your pumping party.


Get a room! Actually, wait! This is a great opportunity for you to wow your chosen one with a great flavour combination. Sensuous, subtle, bubbly and fun, (just like you), these drinks are natural partners.

Roast dinners

The Brits love nothing more than a gorgeous roast dinner on a Sunday. Deep, rich gravies and succulent meat and veg often call for a classic French red. But think on, a cocktail can add a clever twist to this regular, family tradition. A host of different flavours on a plate calls for simplicity in the glass.

Fish dishes

Fresh fish and other seafood is subtle in aroma and delicate in texture so why go and spoil it with an over-fruity blend? Classic cocktails and citrussy cocktails are essential – think of your fish itself. You wouldn’t have it in a dessert, so why have a super-sweet drink with it. Classic vermouth cocktails are the way to go here, harmonious flavours bringing a sea-inspired breeze to your table.


It’s gotta be a quick and simple drink to make it into our picnic drinks category. No fiddly garnishes and rarely more than two ingredients. It’s of course not always easy to mix a drink in the middle of a field, but a bit of chilled fizz is always a winner.


Chocolate and drink pairing is oh so very fashionable at the moment and there’s no reason why cocktails can’t be included. Whisky cocktails are a good call here, just make sure the chocolate is the best quality you can afford rather than something you picked up from the all-night petrol station for a quick choccy fix!

Mediterranean flavours

One of our favourite words here is ‘scarpetti’; an Italian word describing food that is so good that you wipe the plate with a piece of bread to get all of the remaining sauce. Mediterranean-inspired drinks should be just as deliciously tempting and match big, herby dishes and classic pastas alike. You will be draining your glasses, guaranteed.

Finger food

The lovely thing about finger food is that it leaves the other hand free to clasp onto one of these lovely blends. As good with sweet food as they are with more robust savoury flavours, these cocktails are chosen for standing around nattering with your pals and diving in for the last sausage roll or mini éclair on the buffet.

Pastries & tea time treats

If you go to the poshest of eateries in London for tea, you won’t always get a cuppa, often a glass of bubbly is offered as a cheeky alternative. With this in mind, why not indulge in a lighter cocktail to go with your naughty treat? Get your friends round and bake and then shake together.

Fruity desserts

Fresh fruits and fruity puddings really lend themselves to a gorgeous cocktail. Be clever and try and match your garnish to the main ingredient in the dish, whether it’s a lovely frozen piece of orange or a lovely juicy cherry on a stick, little details go a long way with cocktails.

Fancy meals

Whether it’s a whacking great lobster, or a juicy steak with super-posh veggies, you need a sophisticated and full-flavoured drink to go alongside it. Robust flavours require a drink that won’t fade away, so earthier notes and sippable creations are important, especially if you’re showing off your crazy kitchen skills.

Bold British

British food is as recognisable these days as British comedy. Cheeky and substantial dishes need a cocktail to stand up to them – step forward the classics. Have a lovely tipple before you crash out on the sofa in front of a Carry On film on Sunday afternoon.

BBQ food

Flaming meats, adding a touch of smokiness along the way, are one of the most joyous things in dining. Not just for meat lovers, these would go great with your grilled mushrooms or barbecued corn on the cob.