Tips & tricks for food on the go

If you’re off for a picnic, fill a bottle with water and fruit, and pop it in the freezer to take with you. It’ll slowly melt, like an ice pack for your cool bag, and you’ll end up with a deliciously refreshing, cold fruity drink.

Keep the kids entertained by lightly scoring a secret message or drawing a picture onto the skin of a banana with a pin before putting it into the fruit bowl. By the time they find themselves peckish, your message will have magically appeared!

It’s best to dress a salad at the last minute so it doesn’t go soggy – either bring it separately in a jam jar, or place a piece of clingfilm into a cup, fill with a spoonful of dressing, then tie up and pack away.

Energy balls are the perfect portable snack. You can mix up your flavour combos, as long as you keep the ratios of sticky dried fruit to dry ingredients the same. Try these date, cocoa and pumpkin seed energy balls for starters.

Smoothies are ideal for busy mornings – simply whiz up a selection of veggies and fruit in the blender, then decant into a flask to take with you. Keep things healthy and balanced by adding in dairy, nuts and oats.

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