Americana cocktail drink with olives on the side

Add a little fizz, pop and sparkle to the party with these brilliant Christmas cocktails.

From classic Prosecco mixes to Christmas cocktails with a little Jamie twist, these drinks are the perfect finishing touch to any festive gathering. Cheers!


Line up the sugar, bitters and Cognac and top with Prosecco as guests arrive.

Because every party needs a bit of fizz.

A twist on the classic bellini, this gorgeous red bellini uses strawberries instead of peaches.

You can use good Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) rather than Champagne for this recipe, and quite honestly, you’d never know the difference.

With a dash of brandy and orange peel, this champagne cocktail has Christmas written all over it



This richly flavoured cocktail takes a while to come alive, so give it a good stir

Rum, mint and fizz, the Old Cuban cocktail is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This spicy number has plenty of attitude – it’ll put fire in your belly and really get your jingle bells ringing.



Super-simple, fast and easy, this is a cocktail you can knock up over Christmas using vodka, the spirit you guys have told me that you all have at home.

A super-simple, refreshing vodka cocktail with an aromatic edge. Great for welcome drinks at parties.

It’s not just for hangovers! This vodka cocktail has endless variations. You can add chilli, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, herbs… even bacon.



A classy cocktail named after the way it tickles your taste buds, this Parma violet vodka and gin cocktail is a sophisticated little number.

There’s no cocktail as iconic as this one. This gin Martini recipe is simple, sophisticated and delicious.

The first Tom Collins recipe was written by the father of modern cocktail making, Jerry Thomas. It’s a simple mix of gin, lemon and sugar syrup, shaken over ice.

The ultimate Italian cocktail. Invented in Florence, which adds a certain classical appeal, it’s a great digestif and an even better aperitif.

This zippy herbaceous cocktail is a welcome change from rich festive drinks.



A lovely nightcap or pick-me-up when it’s cold outside.

There is no other drink that so sums up Christmas – the smell of the wine and the spices, the feel of the warm glass, the sweet aromatic flavour. Christmas only starts once the mulled wine is on the stove.

It’s not hard to make this from scratch, just pick up a few bottles of decent scrumpy and give this a try.

An old-school punch bowl is a really nice idea at a party, and this festively flavoured one is ideal for this time of year.


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