A bowl of mussels, mussels recipes

Delicious, affordable and super-easy to cook, mussels are also one of the most sustainable types of shellfish you can buy.

Farmed on ropes in the sea, mussels can be cultivated on a large or small scale. They don’t require any extra feed to grow, they clean the water around them, they take literally four minutes to cook, are nutritious and wonderful to eat… we can’t think of any negatives. They really are little treasures of the shellfish world!

The deliciously sweet and nutty meat is fantastic in a classic white wine and garlic sauce, but don’t forget there are hundreds of other delicious ways to enjoy this versatile treat. Here are 16 amazing mussels recipes to get you started:


This is the dish to cook for a real seafood feast. Served in a big dish in the middle of the table, it will fill the room with amazing smells of the ocean’s finest fare.


These shellfish-packed delights make for a cracking starter or a light lunch.


If you don’t have time to make your own prawn stock, substitute it with a good-quality fish stock that’s been simmered over a low heat and seasoned with paprika and saffron


This tasty corn chowder is super comforting and the fresh mussels give it a beautiful depth of flavour


This is Italian home-cooking at its very best, and it’s ready in minutes!


Don’t be afraid of barbecuing seafood, including mussels – all you need is a nice, fresh selection and you’re away!


This impressive seafood stew is reminiscent of moules marinières but is extra luxurious thanks to the addition of langoustines.


Embrace mussels in this super-simple, lightly warming soup – perfect for the colder months.


Packed with beautiful fish and shellfish in a delicious tomato broth, this stew’s a one-pot wonder.


This oven-to-table treat is great for sharing with friends. It’s lovely with a few hunks of fresh bread for dunking.


This boozy recipe for mussels makes the most amazing fragrant sauce – don’t be shy with the toast!


This warming dish is great for when you have your mates over, especially on those cooler winter nights.


Another one perfect for warming your cockles, take this rich and flavoursome lasagne to the table while it’s bubbling hot from the oven.


Jamie’s twist on the classic moules marinière is good-old Scotch whisky – bloomin’ delicious.


Mussels and Guinness are the ultimate pairing in this quick and easy shellfish recipe.


These mussels have a delicious Thai twist and the coriander, chilli and lemongrass make for a beautifully fresh and fragrant dish.


Want to learn how to prepare mussels? Here, Bart Van Olphen shares his tips on cleaning and preparing mussels ready to cook in just one minute flat:

Great choice! Mussels are sustainable, tasty and cheap – a brilliant British shellfish that we should celebrate.