Not just for breakfast, black pudding is a super-tasty, affordable and versatile ingredient that works a treat in all sorts of recipes.

It’s is a wonderful food to cook with, adding beautiful richness and depth to whatever recipes it’s used in. It’s also a brilliantly sustainable ingredient, as it uses a by-product of the pork industry – blood. The very best option is to buy black pudding made from fresh blood, rather than dried. This transforms the taste and also saves on unnecessary food miles (as most dried blood is imported, despite the fact that we produce lots of fresh blood in the UK).

Here are four of our favourite ways to enjoy this wonderful crumbly, dark sausage.


Gently push a spoonful of black pudding under the skin of your chicken before roasting for an amazing boost of meaty flavour. It’ll blow your socks off!

Fresh and delicate scallops are the perfect partner for soft and earthy black pudding. This simple salad is a real winner.

Take your crumpet game to the next level with these little towers of sweet maple apples and crispy black pudding, topped with fresh, tangy watercress. Delicious.

A real comforter, serve soft poached eggs with crumbled black pudding and old-school butter soldiers. Perfect for breakfast or a nostalgic teatime treat!

This gorgeously dark sausage is cheap, tasty and helps use a by-product. If it’s made with fresh blood from free-range pigs, it’s even tastier and reduces waste.