frozen raspberries scattered

Freezing fruit is a genius way to save time and cut waste in your kitchen. These four ideas are a great place to start, but get creative – there’s loads you can do!


Create a beautiful compote in seconds by softening frozen berries in the microwave. Take what you need from the freezer and heat in a small microwavable dish (a ramekin works well). Make it your own with a spritz of citrus zest, a drop of vanilla extract or a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon – the perfect topping for porridge, pancakes or yoghurt.


Frozen fruit smoothies

Save precious time in the mornings by creating your own frozen fruit bags ahead of time. Cut up your favourite smoothie fruits into bite-sized chunks, then freeze on a tray before packing away, portioned up, into freezer bags. Pull them out as and when you need them for the ultimate fuss-free brekkie – just add water, milk or fruit juice and blend!

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The freezer is your secret weapon when it comes to citrus fruit. If your lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruit look as though they might be on the turn, cut them into wedges or slices and freeze on a tray before separating out into sandwich bags. The next time you fancy a glass of something chilled, use a piece of frozen citrus instead of ice – it’s just as effective and will add a subtle flavour, too.


This is a dinner party trick that your guests will love. Frozen strawberries, yoghurt, honey and a food processor are all you need for homemade ice cream in less than 60 seconds! Berries, bananas and mango are all perfect for this effortless special treat.


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