bertolli butter cooking garlic and bacon with parsnips on the side

Add extra oomf to all sorts of dishes with flavoured butter – it’s super-versatile and can be melted over steaks, rubbed under the skin of a chicken before roasting, stirred through mashed potato... or just spread straight onto a slice of toast!

To create your own flavoured butter, you need it to be soft and at room temperature. Bertolli butter with olive oil is a great choice as the added olive oil keeps the butter soft, which means you can make it straight from the fridge. The combination of  butter and olive oil also means this product won’t burn as quickly as butter, but still has a rich buttery taste – great for cooking steaks.

Here are a few of our favourite flavoured butters:


It might sound simple, but adding a generous amount of cracked black pepper to Bertolli butter with olive oil is a brilliant way to give cooked veg an instant flavour hit. Melt over corn on the cob, green beans or boiled potatoes – hey presto!


The perfect partner for juicy steak, rosemary-spiked butter is a brilliant little tip that will add instant ‘kapow’ to seared meat! Finely chop rosemary leaves into Bertolli butter with olive oil, then add a knob to the pan as your meat cooks.


Fresh and fragrant, this winning combo is a lovely way to flavour butter. Particularly good under the skin of roast chicken, lemon and parsley is also a winner with white fish such as baked cod. Simply combine Bertolli butter with olive oil with finely grated lemon zest and freshly torn parsley leaves, then place in foil parcels with your fish before baking.


For a big, bold flavour, finely chop anchovies and combine well with Bertolli butter with olive oil. The saltiness goes brilliantly with pan-fried scallops or roasted salmon. It’s also a classic partner for roasted lamb.


For a festive twist, finely chop cranberries and add a good grating of clementine zest. Combine the cranberries and zest with Bertolli butter with olive oil until evenly distributed. Use the butter to add zing to roast chicken or turkey by rubbing under the bird’s skin before it goes in the oven.

For more clever ideas, check out our top tips for cooking with Bertolli butter with olive oil.


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