antipasti board with cheese, hams and olives on it, italian style

Italian starters, or antipasti, include a fantastic array of tasty morsels to get you excited about the meal ahead. From cured meats and cheese to lightly grilled veg or deep-fried bitesize nibbles – the Italians do starters like no-one else!

Here are our favourite recipes for perfect antipasti, to give your next gathering a little Italian twist. Belíssimo!

You’ve got to try these lovely little flavour bombs: griddled aubergine and parma ham, wrapped around a rich filling of sun-dried tomato, anchovies and pine nuts – delicious!

If you haven’t tried razor clams, you’re in for a treat. Cooked really simply with a little chilli, rosemary and garlic, these delicacies of the sea come in to their own.

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These creamy stuffed mushrooms are a classic! The ricotta is brought to life with a little chilli, lemon, oregano and Parmesan. Cut into quarters and pass round a party as nibbles; or serve a few whole for a more substantial starter.

Deep-fried balls of risotto, filled with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese – what’s not to love? This traditional Sicilian treat is a staple on the island, where popular fillings also include chicken livers or ragu.

Delicious served simply with goat’s cheese and a drizzle of honey, as an accompaniment to cured meats or as a bruschetta topping, the figs go all lovely and sticky in the oven.

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