Strabwerry pancakes with berries and cream on top

These are our ultimate gluten-free Pancake Day recipes, free from gluten and full of incredible flavour. They’re a guaranteed hit with everyone, whether you eat gluten or not. If you’re flippin for breakfast, lunch or dessert – these recipes will cover all your gluten-free Pancake Day needs. Enjoy!

Explore this flipping good list of our top five gluten-free Pancake Day recipes.

So, whether you’re coeliac, or  just looking to cut down on gluten, we’ve got a gluten-free Pancake Day recipe for you!

A lovely thin pancake recipe, these French-style crepes are a beautiful dessert. The cider and Calvados-poached fruit adds an extra warmth.

This super-tasty pancake batter is perfect for vegans, plus buckwheat flour contains the mineral manganese, which we need to keep our connective tissue strong and healthy.

Socca is a classic street food in the South of France. Pancake-thin unleavened bread made with chickpea flour, topped with a tasty filling – it’s a great snack. These soft and sweet onions are unbelievably good.

Another socca recipe made with chickpea flour, these incredible savoury pancakes are loaded with fresh greens and crumbled goat’s cheese. A shaving of Parmesan adds the finishing touch.

Chilli, onion, spices and crushed pomegranate seeds go into this super-special pancake batter. Top with tomato and raisin chutney, then serve with avocado and rocket salad for a flavour explosion!