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Keep an eye on your added sugar intake with our five favourite recipes that are light on the sweet stuff, but big on flavour.

These low-sugar recipes have got you covered from breakfast to dinner.


These are the simplest pancakes to make with kids. You don’t even need scales to weigh out the ingredients – all you need is a cup or a mug!

Use unsweetened almond milk, natural yoghurt and oats for a thick and satisfying smoothie flavoured with your favourite fruit. Great for breakfast, or freeze and enjoy as a pud.

Shop-bought pizzas can be real sugar culprits thanks to over-sweetened tomato sauce and white dough. Make your own instead! Plus, this sauce is just brilliant because it’s jam-packed full of good stuff and the kids will never know.

Now this is what we call a super-tasty brunch – quinoa, layered up with ripe tomatoes, crispy beans, hot chillies, creamy avocado and fresh herbs; topped with a runny egg. Packed with flavour, but not a sugary sauce or dressing in sight. Enjoy!

Dips can include lots of added sugar, so why not make your own? Then you know exactly what’s in it. This big-hitting guacamole is unbelievably moreish – full of zesty lime, chilli and coriander. Dive in!


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