healthy kale leaves

Hardworking kale does so much to help our bodies keep fit and healthy. Here are our favourite recipes that really hero this brilliant leafy veg.

Kale is a source of many essential nutrients, and it’s particularly high in vitamin K and vitamin C, both of which our bones need to keep strong and healthy. One handful of kale will provide you with your full daily amount of vitamin K, a vital vitamin that also helps us make the protein needed to clot blood. These healthy kale recipes are gorgeous!

5 delicious kale recipes

Cavolo Nero is a type of kale with a distinctive dark colour. It works brilliantly in this pasta recipe, coating the spaghetti in a gorgeous green sauce.


Full of flavour, these savoury muffins are a different way to eat your greens. Served with mashed avocado and chives, they’re absolutely delicious!


The magical combo of mushrooms, miso and kale make this warming bowl of ramen a real joy. It’s everything you want in a bowl of noodles.


Skirt steak is leaner than many other cuts of beef and it’s high in zinc, which helps keeps hair, skin and nails healthy. Served with kale and pearl barley, this is a brilliant dinner recipe.


Mixed wild rice is much more nutritious than regular rice and is a good source of both magnesium and phosphorus, which are good for maintaining healthy teeth and skin.

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