Bowl of lemons on an outdoor table ready to be made into lemonade

Sometimes referred to as the third seasoning (along with salt and pepper) lemons are a fantastic way to add zing to your food. Plus, they’re really good for you. Double win!

What are the health benefits of lemons?

Lemon flesh and juice are both high in all-round hero vitamin C – just squeezing the juice of one lemon over a salad will provide you with a fantastic source. Best known for boosting our immune systems, vitamin C is also vital for our nervous and metabolic systems, as well as for collagen and tissue growth. It’s good for our bones, gums, teeth and blood vessels, too. And what’s more, it also helps us absorb iron, so pair lemon juice with iron-rich greens to really get the most out of your food.

5 healthy lemon recipes

With fresh mint and a grating of Parmesan, this awesome pasta dish is ready in just 15 minutes. Quick, easy and healthy!

A brilliant little side dish – the lemony dressing transforms these simple greens into a zesty delight.

We get twice as much vitamin B6 and three times as much potassium from cauliflower when it’s raw – keeping our nervous systems healthy.

Wild rice, red rice, pearl barley and oats give this hearty salad fantastic texture, while the lemon juice really lifts the flavour.

Seasoning couscous with a squeeze of lemon juice and its zest means a brilliant boost of vitamin C.

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