Mediterranean ingredients

The Mediterranean’s sun-soaked, coastal regions span Southern Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia – from Tunisia and Morocco to Lebanon and Turkey via Greece, Italy and Spain (plus a whole lot more!). This results in a multitude of cuisines and cultures that differ from country to country, and region to region.

Thanks to its geography, there are some staple Mediterranean ingredients that cross borders and feature in most local cooking, including plenty of fresh fruit and veg, such as tomatoes, aubergines and lemons; garlic, onions and fresh, aromatic herbs; as well as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, super-fresh seafood, meat, and dairy products, such as yoghurt and cheese. 

In Jamie’s latest cookbook, 5 Ingredients Mediterranean, he shows you how to hero these Mediterranean flavours in your kitchen, with minimal fuss and just a few staple ingredients. 


“Think beautiful salads, out-of-this-world pastas and a whole load of gorgeous veggie, meat and seafood dishes”

Here we’ve listed the 5 Mediterranean staples that are great to have to hand to guarantee fresh, bright, Med-inspired dishes on your table, any day of the week.


Whether you serve this Greek and Turkish dip with grilled meats, salad and bread; or as a useful marinade to tenderise and flavour chicken, tzatziki is a nifty ingredient that will lend a yoghurty tang and cucumber-fresh flavour to your dishes. Jamie’s new ways to use this staple may surprise you!  


A jar of tahini

With a rich, nutty flavour and creamy texture, tahini is a brilliantly versatile ingredient. Tahini lends itself well to salad dressings and marinades, sweet cookies and cakes, and – of course – houmous. For a quick dip that packs a punch, swirl tahini and harissa through yoghurt, then serve it up with breads, crunchy veg crudités, or these Crispy Moroccan carrots. Here are 8 more ways to use tahini. 


Pesto in a mini bowl

Keep a jar of this Italian basil sauce on the go – or make it yourself – to add zingy, herby flavour to pasta and gnocchi dishes; these pastry tartlets; or Italian seared beef. You’ll be amazed how many ways you can use this Mediterranean staple


A little plate of harissa

Made with hot chillies, garlic and robust spices, cumin and coriander, this punchy North African paste is a must-have kitchen staple. Dial up the flavour on roast veg salads, super-charge your mayonnaise or try these Harissa sardines. From shakshuka to falafel, here are even more ways to use up that jar!


This creamy garlicky condiment is an absolute must for dunking a good chip. Serve it up with a fish stew, seafood platter or barbecued fish. Roasting a chicken? Get the aioli on the table! Have a go at making it yourself with our handy guide. 

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