tomato ricotta bruschetta with mozzarella with dried tomatoes on top

The classic Italian bruschetta is a doddle to put together and makes a delicious starter or light lunch.

Tomato bruschetta is one of those joyful recipes you can take in all sorts of directions. The toppings can be as humble or luxurious as you like!

It’s traditionally made with bar-marked sourdough bread – rub your toasted bread with a raw garlic clove for extra punch – then pile high with your favourite Italian ingredients.

We’re keeping it simple, and sticking with tomato as the main ingredient, then mixing it up with different cheeses and garnishes for super-tasty results.



Gennaro gives us his take on this classic and delicious Italian dish. He uses a beautiful mix of two of Italy’s most famous cheeses – mozzarella and ricotta – on the base. And it’s all topped off with roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Fantastico!


tomato bruschetta recipe

Sweet, seasonal tomatoes and basil are such a perfect pair, and they really do make this simple bruschetta recipe sing. Use really ripe tomatoes and finish with a drizzle of top-quality olive oil for a really tasty treat.

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Cedro lemons are sweeter than standard lemons, and the real joy is the thick layer of pith that you can shave for an epic zesty garnish. Use a mandolin (be careful!) to add wafer thin slices to your tomato bruschetta, and enjoy!


Okay, so Gennaro made these three recipe for Christmas… but we think they work all year-round! Cherry tomatoes, aubergine and marjoram are so good together, or have a go at Gennaro’s other recipes for roasted squash bruschetta or fig and prosciutto bruschetta, if you fancy.


The sweet tomatoes and slightly bitter olives in this crostini topping work so well together. Plus, a little crumbling of dried red chilli makes all the difference! So simple, so good.

You can learn all about tomatoes in the Vegepedia, including how to store them and when they’re in season.