asian beef with noodles, chilli and salad

Plan ahead for a full week of balanced, nutritious meals, and eat well all the way from Monday to Sunday. With our delicious, healthy recipes you’re getting all the goodness, with minimal fuss!


Go meat free for Monday with this super-tasty tagine packed with root veg, aubergine, cabbage and courgette. It’s so easy to make, and really easy to box up for Tuesday’s lunch, too.


Brighten up Tuesday evening by making your own vibrant spinach pici pasta from scratch. This is a really fun recipe to make with children, and it’s bursting with the goodness of spinach.

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Quinoa, fennel, courgettes and loads of fresh herbs take this griddled salmon salad to the next level. It serves four, so good for a family, or for using leftovers for a light lunch.


Spice things up a bit with this sweet soy Asian crispy beef. It’s nutritious, quick to make, and will soon become a regular midweek favourite!


Fancy a Friday evening treat? Make it balanced and go for these gorgeous five-spice salmon tacos – brilliant if you have a few friends coming over, or just feel like celebrating the start of the weekend.

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This incredible Sri Lankan-style monkfish curry is a really special dish that happens to be dairy free, and lower in fat than creamy alternatives.


Give Sunday’s roast chicken a little Moroccan twist and rub with ras el hanout before roasting on top of preserved lemons. Delicious!

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