Mackerel pasta salad on a plate

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to get inspired! Whether the sun’s out or not, salads are perfect for celebrating seasonal ingredients, packing your meals with veg, and ensuring they’re full of flavour. From fresh and tasty lunches to quick yet substantial suppers, whipping up these salads will be a real treat.

The beauty of these summer salad recipes is that you can take them in any direction, depending on what you like, what you have at home and what will keep everyone happy. Think textures, colours and seasonality – then get chopping, and go!

Make the most of British courgettes and tomatoes in this vibrant salad. Fresh, garlicky veg is paired with tangy feta to make a flavour-packed salad that’s just as delicious served hot or cold.

Juicy prawns are marinated in lime juice and stir-fried, then tossed in a vibrant salad with mint, chilli, watermelon chunks and toasted nuts and seeds. It’s a super-refreshing dish that’s so good you’ll come back to it time and again!

Find in-season new potatoes to take this salad to the next level. It looks pretty  sprinkled with edible flower petals, but fresh herb flowers would also work a treat. Serve this dish hot, warm or cold for a seriously tasty salad.

Minimal ingredients with maximum flavour, Jamie’s fun take on the classic Italian salad is perfect for hot days. On the table in under 30 minutes, this lovely little dish will be especially good if you can find quality mozzarella and British tomatoes.

Chicken thighs work so well in this salad — they’re full of flavour and cheaper than other cuts. And the bread makes the most of them by soaking up all of those herby roasting juices, creating the crunchiest croutons evers

This simple main is filling and tastes utterly delicious. Tender green beans, black olives and sweet cherry tomatoes pair beautifully with oily mackerel and pasta for the perfect summer salad. It’s on the table in 30 minutes — a winning fuss-free dish!

A properly done old-school classic that is out-of-this-world delicious! If you haven’t made your own salad cream from scratch before, you’re in for a treat. So simple, so delicious and ready in just 20 minutes.

Lighter, fresher and just as delicious, Jamie’s healthy chicken Caesar salad doesn’t compromise on flavour. This recipe uses yoghurt rather than mayo for the dressing, so it contains less saturated fat than the traditional version. Paired with rosemary-infused chicken breasts and sprinkled with a grating of Parmesan, it doesn’t get better than this!

For more summer salad recipes and inspiration, check out our video playlist for fresh vegetables and to learn more about the wonderful world of veg, visit Vegepedia!