jamie eating a salad in a kitchen

Brighten a dull winter’s day with a bowl of colourful, crunchy veg and leaves. The best thing about hearty winter salads is that you can mix in roasted veg, leftover meat or handfuls of pulses – and the recipe becomes a dinner in one.

This simple salad has lots of nuttiness and zing, plus it’s filling enough for lunch or dinner on a chilly day. It’s great served on its own, or as a tasty side with miso-baked salmon.

This colourful beetroot salad makes a great little starter, or scale it up for a light lunch and enjoy with chunks of crusty bread or cold cuts and pickle.

A lovely light, warming salad recipe that you can get prep in a matter of minutes. The roasted squash is sweet, while the couscous is beautifully soft and nutty.


This salad is really nice served alongside a simple pasta, in a sandwich or with a jacket potato. Any leftovers can be kept in the fridge then served up as a really posh coleslaw.

If you’ve got a bit of leftover chicken, veg and stuffing after Sunday, this salad is perfect for Monday’s lunch.

The richness of black pudding is absolutely magic paired with the clean taste of the scallops. It’s a simple, classic combination and it is delicious!

Here it is, the ultimate walnut and blue cheese salad, loaded with lovely, quality ingredients. This joyful jumble is a wonderful lunch to brighten up a dreary winter day!

Beautifully colourful and bursting with fantastic flavours, this winter salad is a riot of pomegranate, halloumi, watercress and fennel.

The sweet balsamic dressing of this salad complements the bitterness of the leaves and salty cheese perfectly. Serve with a smooth root veg soup for the ideal winter supper.