st davids day soup with potatoes, veg, meat, cheese and bread

Celebrate a wealth of Welsh food with our selection of tasty dishes, from rarebit and Welsh cakes to leeks and lamb.

These brilliant recipes are the perfect way to celebrate St David’s Day. Whether you’re planning an afternoon tea or dinner for the family, these dishes will go down a storm!

These sweet little cakes have a crisp outside and a soft, slightly crumbly inside that melts in the mouth. Use a heavy-bottomed non-stick pan to replicate the traditional cooking method that used large skillets on a flame. Serve warm, filled with a spoonful of cream and a few berries.

WATCH: Jamie making Wonderful Welsh cakes

A punchy, cheesy, toasty delight – rarebit is the ultimate comfort food. Jamie’s recipe includes a spoonful of chilli jam for extra oomf. Spread your toast generously with the rarebit topping and grill until golden and bubbling.

A super-indulgent recipe for the national Welsh veg, Jamie’s recipe includes three types of cheese and a sprinkling of thyme. If you want to take this dish to the next level, invest time in cooking your leeks super-slowly until sticky and sweet.

This traditional Welsh cawl recipe was given to Jamie by the five-time cawl-making world champion, Sue Jones – we can’t argue with that! It’s left to chill overnight before serving, but if you want to let the flavours develop and mature, leave it in the fridge for up to three days.

Chargrilled Welsh lamb, hugged in a homemade flatbread, topped with super-fresh sunshine salsa, humble chips and a dollop of yoghurt to finish the story – what could be better! Cook the lamb until it’s gnarly and almost burnt-looking, but still blushing inside – it’s the contrast that’s the thing of beauty.

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