Here is a selection of your questions on Jamie's campaign to restrict junk food marketing.

We’ve been blown away by the support for #AdEnough: our campaign for a 9pm watershed for junk food ads on TV, plus protection from these ads online and on public transport. You’ve also asked loads of good questions, so we want to answer them…

Q: First up, you’ve asked: “Is banning junk food advertising to kids the right way to tackle this problem?”

A: Good question! Yes, we know that advertising restrictions can’t solve childhood obesity alone, but it’s got to help, right? This is definitely about an all-round approach. Here’s what Jamie’s action plan looks like.


Q: Lots of you have asked whether this ban would reduce freedom of choice.

A: Freedom of choice is incredibly important. But that’s why we believe we need to stop junk food companies influencing us at every opportunity with ads. We also believe children can be more vulnerable to adverts – and it’s not fair to target them with junk food messages.

FACT: Junk food companies spend 27 times more on advertising than the government does on promoting healthy eating.

Jamie Oliver #adenough campaign image


Q: You’ve asked: “Isn’t it down to parents to look after their kids, not brands?”

A: Yes. But advertising is a powerful thing – we know that it works, otherwise why would brands spend millions of pounds doing it? Restricting junk food ads is a really important way we can help parents. Balance is everything – and these junk ads are tipping scales in the wrong direction!

Plus, we all know what pester power feels like, so we need to give parents as much support as we can against the pressure of these adverts.

FACT: Because of successful marketing and brand presence, 70% of 3-year-olds recognise the ‘golden arches’ before they can read and write!


Q: Next up, you asked us: “Why don’t you focus on something more important?”

A: All we can say is, for the first time ever, our kids are looking at shorter lives than their parents because of the food-world they live in. In the UK, one in three children now leaves primary school overweight or obese, and 85% of those kids are set to stay like that for the rest of their lives. This is definitely important.

Jamie's plan to tackle childhood obesity

Q: OK, next up – the price of food. You asked: “What about parents on the breadline – eating healthily can be really expensive.” And you’re right – this is a big one.

A: We absolutely need to make healthy food cheaper! That’s a huge part of Jamie’s campaign to combat childhood obesity. We want price promotions on healthy food, not junk.

That’s why we want a 9pm watershed on junk food ads on TV, and for controls on what kids see online, in the street and on transport.

We think we’re onto something big here. It could be an amazing step forward for child health. We’ve #AdEnough!

Post your #AdEnough selfie covering your eyes – and ask the government to act!