bbq veg with feta and spinach and walnuts

As I write this it’s the middle of summer… and raining! That’s why the second the sun comes out, we’re all getting the barbecue out and marinating, grilling and cooking EVERYTHING outside! I guess that’s just part of the fun of living in the UK.

Of course, when the sun comes out and you’re in a rush before the next hailstorm, you might not have a barbecue to hand, but we’ve got that problem sorted.

In case you can’t find a barbie, or want to try your hand at making your own, check out Barry doing a bit of DIY in the garden. Yes, it’s not the most sturdy, and you could definitely do a better job than him, but he tried his best!

To give him credit, a wheelbarrow is ideal for all of your barbecue needs. It’s portable, pretty easy to make, there’s no need for any serious tools and if you happen to have two, just stick one over the top for a cheap outdoor oven!

We can’t say too much about Barry’s lack of DIY skills either, because he’s also spent a year building the ultimate trailer barbecue.

alternative DIY BBQ

It may not be quite as easy as the wheelbarrow, but it has to be the best portable barbecue around, with a huge grill and room for a coolbox, wood or charcoal, herbs and um… flowers. If you’re looking for a project then give one of these a go!

Now, we all know how good grilled meat is – burgers, steaks, chicken and fish all taste so much better with that characteristic charcoal taste – but remember, it’s not just meat that’s amazing on the grill. You always need a salad in your spread, so why not make the most of the barbie and cook some more alternative dishes? By grilling peaches to go with blue cheese and pecans you can make your salads the main event. It. Is. Amazing.

There’s actually loads of fruit that can be barbecued. Watermelon tastes incredible when grilled, and is perfect with feta, mint and leaves. Another is pineapple with coriander or cinnamon. And next time you have the grill going, wrap up a banana in tin foil and bake it right in the coals!

If you’re really looking for a challenge then don’t even stick to barbecuing in summer – if you’ve got a lid then try doing your Christmas turkey on the barbie! We started out thinking it could be near impossible, but it actually tasted great (although possibly not enough to make us stand in the cold again!).

Seriously though, using a lid to make an oven and roasting meat is a great idea; just make sure you’ve got a good thermometer and plenty of charcoal handy, as you’ll need to keep the temperature up by regularly switching the coals out!That’s our alternative barbecue, but, what’s the most unusual thing that you’ve barbecued? Let us know in the comments!

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