On Friday 7 March the Fifteen apprentices pitted themselves against each other – and some of London’s finest chefs – as they headed to the world-famous Borough Market for sunny lunchtime service. 

Every year the apprentices are split into teams and asked to come up with a lunch menu, served from stalls at one of London’s biggest food markets. With some of the UK’s best producers and chefs cooking there every day competition was stiff, but the three teams had come up with some delicious recipes.

Nice Buns, led by Mariam, served up spicy jerk chicken and sticky char siu pork baguettes that were gorgeously crispy, sweet and spicy.

fifteen apprentices at borough 4

BBQ in a Cloud, led by Elliott, made fluffy steamed buns filled with sliced confit pork belly in a sticky glaze with pickled cucumber and rocket.

fifteen apprentices at borough 7

And last but not least, Barnie’s Skewers were on fire with a choice of red-wine marinated chicken or lamb wraps, barbecued and served with peppers and plenty of chilli sauce.

fifteen apprentices at borough 5

One team had to win, and the heat was really on as the sun made a rare appearance and the hungry office workers came out in droves.

fifteen apprentices at borough 13

By 12.45 Barnie’s Skewers had run out of lamb, the BBQ in a Cloud had a queue around the corner, and you couldn’t move for people with char siu pork around their mouths.

fifteen apprentices at borough 1

But it was pretty clear within the first 45 minutes who was going to do the best. Although BBQ in the Cloud made the most in terms of sales at £504.20, Barnie’s skewers just pipped them by selling £479.50 but squeezing an extra £39.50 in donations.

fifteen apprentices at borough 11

Altogether the teams raised £1,359.34 for charity – an amazing feat only outdone by the teamwork and delicious food they fed the punters.

fifteen apprentices at borough 14

Hungry? Why not try Jamie’s jerk chicken recipe for yourself?