milk mustache

For all of those gents growing or attempting to grow a venerable moustache for Movember, we have compiled a list of foods which you may wish to avoid.

Movember is a global campaign to raise male awareness for the need to have regular prostate checks to reduce cancer rates, by asking men to grow a mo, however daft it may look on them.

So in no particular order…here we go:

Cappuccino – milk and milkshakes can be drunk through a straw, cappuccino from your Shoreditch grind house most definitely cannot. Men with moustaches look good with a takeaway cup, really good, but ignore froth at your peril.

Garlic soup in a mug – because your mo will smell and no-one will want to kiss you!

Candy floss – which is floss and which tash? Not only might you end up with pink fuzz on your facial furniture, but you could also end up accidentally eating your mo. Definitely not cool as you parade your upper-lip efforts around the local fairground!

Oysters – to enjoy the delicacy, you must slurp. Therefore, countless mishaps could abound, so many terrible things that can befall your pride and joy; you may end up cultivating more than just a mo on your lip.

Cheap lager – a man with a moustache is a dignified figure, worthy of strutting confidently on any pavement in any town, so why would you want to be found sprawled on one with a can of cheap lager in your hand? Not cool. For guidance on the best beer and moustache matches, subscribe to The Craft Beer Channel.

Let’s be careful out there brothers, follow the rules to a healthy mo and watch the lovely vid from Lucky Seven on the appropriate headgear to accentuate your new sub-nasal wingman.

Lucky Seven Movember 2013 from Lucky Seven Caps on Vimeo.