Jamie standing in the kitchen in front of a sausage pizza, a perfect freezer-friendly meal

We all need a few batch-cooking recipes to fall back on when life gets busy. With just a little bit of forward planning, the love, care and focus that goes into prepping is stretched beyond just one meal. It’s not much more work, but allows you to save money, get ahead for busier days, and make the most of your freezer – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve pulled together the best freezer-friendly meals from Keep Cooking Family Favourites so you can get organised for the week ahead.  

If you want to get ahead, these super-fun kievs are simple to assemble in advance, ready to bake, or freeze for another day. What’s more, it’s easy to double up or go triple on the quantities.


Gift your future self by cooking up a batch of this principle cheese sauce – fantastic for stirring through freshly cooked pasta or using in a pasta bake. Feel free to flex the veg, go orange with carrot or squash, or green with broccoli and spinach – delicious!


This pizza dough is super-quick to make, so it’s easy to rustle up an extra batch. Simply divide and roll it out into rounds, pile them up with a layer of greaseproof paper between each, wrap in clingfilm, and freeze.


Double up the ingredients in this batch-cook beauty to get even more portions racked up in the freezer for future meals – plus, you only need one bottle of ale (500ml) for two batches!


This veggie favourite is perfect for prepping in the morning, ready to finish off at lunch or dinner time. It’s a great one to portion up, too, if you’re ever after a quick dinner from the freezer.


Cook up a batch of fishcakes and pop in the freezer for another day – you can roast or grill these from frozen instead of frying, if you prefer. Serve with wilted greens, steamed broccoli, or a leafy salad for a quick midweek meal.


Cook up a big vat of this versatile curry sauce and freeze – simply blitz until smooth, cool completely, then transfer to a reusable freezer bag. Make sure it’s defrosted fully before bringing back to life with fresh prawns, chicken, or veg.

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