Chorizo recipes - smokey spanish salmon with chorizo

Smoky, salty and slightly sweet, chorizo is great for imparting big flavour into everyday cooking. Originating from the Iberian Peninsula, you can find variations of chorizo across Spain, Portugal and Mexico, ranging from dry-cured to fresh sausages, all of which can be used in many delicious ways.

Whether you’re tossing chorizo through pasta and rice dishes, using it to add depth of flavour to the base of stews, or crisping it up to stuff into sandwiches, you’re sure to end up with something seriously tasty. If you’re after a bit of inspiration, our favourite chorizo recipes are a great place to start. 

Brighten up your midweek meals with this sunshine-filled combo of crispy chorizo, perfectly cooked salmon and sweet cherry tomatoes. It’s ready in just 11 minutes, and can be enjoyed as it is, or paired with fluffy rice, couscous or potatoes for a heartier meal. Ideal! 

Iberico chorizo packs a real flavour punch in this fun but far-from-traditional twist on a carbonara. If you can’t source Iberico, feel free to swap in whatever dry-cured chorizo you can get hold of in your local supermarket or deli – it’ll work just as well.  

Rustle up a tasty, nutritious dish in just 5 minutes with this speedy chorizo recipe. We’re making the most of Jamie’s ready-cooked quinoa pouch here to cut down on prep time, and topping it with sizzling chorizo to create epic flavour, fast. 

Bacon and red cabbage is a classic festive combo, but swapping in chorizo adds an incredible depth of flavour here. What’s more, you’ll only need five ingredients to make this, so it’s a cracking recipe to add to your roast dinner repertoire. 

Jamie makes the most of the tasty oils and spices released from fresh Iberico chorizo sausages in this omelette with rosemary and potato – you just know that’s going to be good! Topped with a simple fresh parsley salad, it’s a fantastic dinner for two.

If you’re in need of a weekend pick-me-up, look no further. Chorizo adds a gentle heat in this whole new take on the classic full English breakfast. This one-pan fry up serves 6, so it’s perfect if you’re feeding hungry guests with sore heads.

Charred chorizo adds a real kick here, so you won’t need many more ingredients to create an epic flavour-packed sarnie. Paired with creamy chickpeas, peppery rocket and fresh chilli, this is a next-level lunch. 

Chorizo works so well in Jamie’s take on a gumbo from the Deep South. Think of it as a sort of surf ‘n’ turf stew – with beautiful tiger prawns, crabmeat, poached chicken and lots of lovely warming spices. This labour of love is comfort in a bowl.

Chorizo, pepper & prawn bake

Looking for an easy midweek meal that’s packed with flavour? This one-pan wonder ticks a lot of boxes. We’re talking beautifully soft peppers stuffed with garlicky chorizo, prawns and plump rice – yes please! 

With golden chorizo, tender new potatoes and sweet smoked paprika, this is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. What’s more, you’ll only need one pan – minimal washing up, maximum satisfaction. Brunch, sorted.

You’ll need fresh chorizo sausages for this gorgeous stew (rather than the dry-cured ones). When cooked in this way, they release the most vibrant, spicy oil that takes this dish to another level. Serve with warm flatbreads, or use as a topping for baked potatoes

Sticky chorizo glazed with honey and vinegar is one of our favourite recipes in this awesome tapas spread, and it couldn’t be easier to knock together. It holds its own as a standalone recipe, but you can also go the whole hog by serving up five Spanish-style dishes. Enjoy! 

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