When it comes to cooking with children, it’s vital to have the right kitchen kit. A combination of safe and easy-to-use equipment will help you and the kids get brilliant results (and have fun!) every time you cook together.

The first thing to remember is that sharp blades are safer than blunt ones – they require less pressure, which means it’s less likely the blade will slip and cause an accident. We recommend 3in paring knives or 5in chef’s knives with easy-to-grip handles. They’re big enough to do most chopping jobs, but small enough for children to handle safely. Always supervise children with any jobs that involve blades.

Kids cooking - crinkle cut knife

Glass mixing bowls are great, as kids can see the magic happening as they mix the ingredients together. Or go for really resilient stainless steel bowls with extra grippy bases.

Smaller spoons are easier for kids to use, and the same goes for whisks. Silicone spatulas are brilliantly resilient, and can get right into the corners to make licking the bowl clean super-speedy. Plus, look for sieves with solid handles that won’t bend.

Electric scales are really efficient and easy, but we also think it’s worth investing in a set of manual scales as a tool for teaching children measurements.

Go for quick-release cake tins to make it as easy as possible for children to get their creations from the oven to the cooling rack. Most good non-stick bakeware is a sound investment and should mean no more scraping off stuck-on bakes!

Choose items with rubber handles to minimise the risk of little hands slipping. Box graters are generally safer than hand-held graters, and Y-shaped peelers are easier for kids to use than single-blade peelers.

Pots and pans with rubber or silicone handles are great for kids as they won’t get hot. Always choose the smallest pan that your recipe quantities will allow, to make it easier for children to lift and move them.


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