Best parsnip recipes - spiced parsnip soup

A veg that we can’t get enough of during the winter months is the humble parsnip.

Brilliantly versatile, parsnips can be roasted, mashed, added to casseroles and risottos, baked into indulgent gratins, or used to make a gorgeous, savoury tarte tatin. It’s naturally sweet flavour pairs perfectly with warming spices, but is equally happy with savoury flavours of sage, walnuts and pancetta.

In the UK, parsnips are at their best from September to March, but you can normally get the sweetest ones in mid to late winter. So warm up chilly days with one of our delicious parsnip recipes and celebrate this underrated root veg.

Jamie’s spiced parsnip soup recipe is anything but boring. With the addition of crunchy parsnip crisps, garam masala and a swirl of yoghurt and chilli oil, it’s a lovely winter warmer. The poppadoms bring another genius texture dimension – you gotta try it!

This vibrant baked parsnip recipe is as tasty as it is beautiful. Fellow winter root beetroot provides its bright colour and will cheer up any winter day. It goes really well with roast beef or could easily hold its own as a veggie main – simply serve with a garlicky green salad or steamed greens. 

This gorgeous winter soup is perfect in the colder months. Sweet parsnips, silky beans and woody sage are blitzed with chicken stock, but you can totally use a good-quality veg stock to make this meat-free. Crispy parsnips top it off and take this simple soup to the next level.

If you’re looking for a meat-free main for Sunday lunch, this savoury tarte tatin recipe comes highly recommended. The list of ingredients may appear daunting, but the compote is very easy to throw together and can be made the day before to make things easier. It’s a festive and fun centrepiece that will wow veggies and meat-eaters alike. 

This hearty gluten-free vegetarian salad is a delight! Parsnips are roasted until soft and sweet, then tossed with earthy lentils and toasted walnuts for a satisfying bite. Shake up a zingy mustardy dressing to elevate it to new heights. Serve as it is with green leaves and shavings of Parmesan, or enjoy as a side to roasted meats.  


Sweet parsnips and salty pancetta are an unusual but brilliant combo in this creamy pasta recipe. Woody rosemary and punchy garlic bring another layer of flavour to the party, finished with a knob of butter and a grating of Parmesan to bring it all together.  This is a stand-out pasta dish.  

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