Chanukah bread recipe - bread sliced with sesame seeds on top

Gifts, games and plenty of fried food! Chanukah, or Hanukkah, is the Jewish festival of lights celebrated for eight days, once a year.

Chanukah remembers the story of when the Jewish people reclaimed their destroyed Temple in Jerusalem. Oil was needed to light their menorah (candelabra), which was meant to burn all day and night, but there was only enough oil for one more day. Miraculously the oil lasted for eight days – just long enough for a fresh supply to arrive – which is why Chanukah is marked by eating dishes that contain oil.

Here you’ll find Chanukah classics, along with some inspiration for feasting as the week goes on.


A traditional part of Jewish cuisine, Salt beef is a tender brined brisket that’s super easy to prepare and packs a punch eaten hot or cold. If served warm we suggest rustling up some Amazing Yorkies, Lemony Green Beans   and a jazzed-up cranberry sauce to go alongside.

Even better, enjoy leftover Salt beef on a freshly baked bagel, with a good helping of pickled cucumber. It’s worth making this at Chanukah just for the leftovers!


latkes recipe

No Chanukah is complete without Latkes. Crispy fried potato delights! We’ve given you a simple recipe with crispy fried herbs on top but you could pimp yours up with onion, garlic, sweet potato, or beetroot for eye-popping colour. Serve with dill, sour cream or a fiery mustard.


challah bread recipe

Challah bread is a staple at any Jewish Sabbath or festival. This soft pillowy white bread is enriched with oil, egg and a little sugar. Different-shaped loaves have their own meanings – on a Friday night challah is usually served as a long plait (symbolising love). Round loaves (symbolising continuity) are more common during festivals – try our recipe here.


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