Ramadan recipes - a plate of watermelon

Anisa Karolia is one of the UK’s most popular Muslim food bloggers, who is on a mission to create recipes for Ramadan that are family-friendly, fuss-free and filling. And we love them! Even if you don’t follow the religious festival, which runs from 10 March to 9 April this year, these are utterly delicious dishes that are most definitely worth a cook-up. Anisa says…

“Ramadan is a month to detox our mind, body and soul and encourage us to make better choices. Being without food and water from sunrise to sunset, and being away from day-to-day distractions, helps us appreciate what we have in life so we can focus more energy on charity and helping people. 

The following recipes are from my new book, The Ramadan Cookbook. They can be used throughout Ramadan – from suhoor to iftar – including the celebration of Eid. The recipes are so versatile, though, that you and your family can enjoy the everyday meals in this book any time of year. 

I really do hope you love these recipes as much as I do! Ramadan is such a personal time and I love how food and drink can complement my reflective daytime period.” 


Cheesy chicken muffins for Ramadan

“For Suhoor, which is the pre-dawn breakfast, it’s important to have meals that will keep you hydrated, and full until Iftar. In our home we normally have foods like an omelette, as eggs are filled with protein and rich in vitamins and nutrients. My Cheesy chicken muffins are super delicious, soft and cheesy. Great for a grab-and-go breakfast.”


Date & Nut Rolls - Ramadan recipes

“Iftar, the meal at sundown where we break our fast, is normally opened with dates: they’re rich in fibre and full of vitamins and minerals to give you a quick boost after a day of fasting. The Date & nut slices in my book are perfect for this.”


Vegetable Karahi for Ramadan

“Then we would have something like Vegetable karahi, which is a delicious mixture of vegetables in a spicy masala made with warm spices. It’s perfect for a lighter iftar meal.”


Achari Lamb Keema Ramadan recipe

“Mince is so versatile and quick to cook, I love making my Achari keema. This delicious, saucy and spicy dish is perfect for when you don’t have much time on your hands. It’s delicious with naan or roti.”


Rose Milk Tres Leches Ramadan recipe

“And to finish, my Rose & pistachio milk cake is the perfect sweet treat, absolutely heavenly, moreish and looks so good. It will definitely pretty-up your table. It’s great for breaking your fast, or for any celebration!”


“Watermelon is extremely satisfying for suhoor or iftar, or any melon for that matter. They hydrate your body more than water, especially after a long day of fasting, and also taste out of this world! Coconut water is also brilliant for hydration and readily available in cartons for ease. “

You’ll find many more gorgeous recipes in Anisa’s book, The Ramadan Cookbook

About the author

Anisa Karolia is one of the UK's most popular Muslim food bloggers. Born and raised in Leicester, she's become known for her delicious authentic Indian recipes, which have been handed down through the generations. The award-winning recipe author aims to inspire others through sharing her quick and easy recipes.

Anisa Karolia