burns night mash with turnips and swede with haggis

Burns Night falls on 25 January and, to help you celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns' birthday, we've put together some gorgeous Scottish recipes to get your feast off to a flying start.

The traditional Burns Night menu consists of three main components: haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties (buttery mashed potatoes). For the purists, we’ve got an amazing traditional recipe to tickle your taste buds, but if you fancy trying something new, here are some awesome Jamie twists on the Scottish classics.

This take on haggis still uses those beautiful bits of offal that you’ll get in a traditional haggis, as well as the essential pinhead oats, but Jamie’s version is in the form of a shepherd’s pie. It’s completely delicious and uses all the bits a decent butcher will give you at a snip.

If haggis isn’t your thing, try out these gorgeous highland-inspired recipes…