Grow your own

Tomatoes are a fantastic ingredient to grow yourself, and you can get great results in small spaces, or indoors. Nothing beats the smell of toms ripening on the vine, and the difference in flavour between a homegrown tomato and a standard shop-bought one is out of this world!

The Western world wastes three times the amount of food needed to feed the planet’s hungriest people. From our farms to our supermarkets, tonnes of perfectly edible food ends up in landfill, while statistics suggest that the average family in the UK throws away £700 worth of food a year – that’s £12 billion nationwide.

december garden

There’s always a lot to do in December, but not much time in which to do it before the Christmas holidays begin. Short days and grotty weather don’t help matters. Ideally, I’ll have finished weeding the vegetable beds by then, so that in January I can concentrate on mulching them.