jamie oliver and gennaro contaldo making fresh pasta outdoors

Making your own pasta can feel daunting - perhaps even more so than baking your own bread. In both cases, though, the end product is usually of better quality than anything you can get in supermarkets, and even if it isn’t quite there at the beginning, the pride you feel over having made it yourself always makes the whole thing worth it anyway.

In Jamie’s series Comfort Food, he and his mentor, Italian-cuisine maestro Gennaro Contaldo, made a beautiful, fresh version of a tinned school-food classic: Bolognese ravioli. As Jamie brings together the rich, slow-cooked pork and veal ragu, Gennaro takes on each step of making the fresh pasta, before the two gleefully work together to bring the silky little parcels together.

homemade pasta guide

It’s always an experience watching Gennaro cook, but to see him making pasta is something else entirely. Well, we not only have the recipes for the very pasta dough and Bolognese ravioli made on the show right here on JamieOliver.com, but we’ve even got a special one-on-one with Gennaro crafting his favourite pasta shapes. Come on!

And, for any of our readers with a gluten intolerance, never fear, we’ve got you covered too – check out our awesome Gluten-free pasta dough recipe right here.

homemade pasta guide

Happy kneading, stretching, rolling, and eating!

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