grilled chicken with rice and vegetables on the side

We like to put our own twist on most things at Sorted and cocktails are no exception. We do like a drink but we might like our food a little bit more… or do we? If you just can’t decide between the two there is a solution; just combine them!

Some cocktail flavours are such a natural match they even work in dishes, whilst others, like savoury ones, need a little more imagination but taste really good if you’re willing to give it a go! 

One dish that we had to get our heads around was Mojito Chicken. We marinated the meat in a mix of mint, brown sugar and rum! It’s one of those recipes that you’re not sure will work until it comes out and you taste it for the first time. Turns out the rum tenderises the chicken perfectly, and the dish worked really well. Have a go! 

Something that does make complete sense is a grasshopper pie. This was actually suggested by the community, and it’s the perfect combination of Oreo, marshmallow and crème de menthe. Heaven! Oh, and don’t forget to try a deep fried grasshopper – it’s not a grasshopper pie without them!

It’s also pretty fun to get your geek on when it comes to cocktails, whether it’s learning the classics, a bit of history or just going a bit crazy with a spot of food science. How about making your very own cocktail bubbles, with the drink trapped inside? It might take a bit of patience, but we reckon they’re a pretty cool way to greet your guests at a dinner party.

We have done some proper cocktails too! Just that once when Ben wasn’t around Jamie managed to get a lesson from Rebecca Seal, an actual drinks expert. We got a few really nice tips – one being to make giant ice cubes in ramekins for your dinner parties so that the drink isn’t watered down. Genius!

Successfully or not, what cocktails have you incorporated into food? For some inspiration, try Jamie’s Bloody Mary beef or mojito fruit salad, then let us know what you come up with!

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