eggy bread french toast with strawberries

I don’t know about you but Eggy Bread reminds me of my childhood. I used to make it for my mum and sisters at the weekend and it felt like a real treat.

Not only was it delicious, and something a bit different to the usual cereal and porridge we rushed down before school, but most importantly I was trusted to use the frying pan, which gives any child a real sense of responsibility and achievement!

It is a perfect recipe to get your kids into the kitchen. For those of you who worry about your kids using knives this is a knife free recipe. It’s easy, nutritious and teaches your child a number of important cooking skills.  Now we are not going to pretend that cracking eggs with kids is always easy and mess free but make sure their hands are washed, hair tied back, aprons on and have some fun! If you have some good quality eggs and this fantastic Eggy Bread recipe you can’t go wrong.

Eggs are incredibly versatile and quick to cook. When choosing eggs we always recommend buying the best that you can as it really makes a difference to the flavour. They are packed full of protein and a good source of vitamin D too.  Throw some wholemeal bread into the mix and some fresh fruit on top and you have a really nutritious breakfast.

This Eggy bread recipe includes all sorts of fun activities so kids of all ages can get involved. Cracking, whisking, dipping and frying, there is something for everyone. My top tip for cracking eggs with children is to put the egg into a ramekin or cup and get your child to tap it gently with a butter knife in the middle, show you child with two hands how to carefully open up the shell and pull it away leaving the rest of the egg to drop in the ramekin. Some children can find this tricky and smash the shell a bit too much but not to worry you can show them how you use a teaspoon to scoop out any bits of shell that might get left behind.

Once the cracking is done there is plenty of whisking and mixing and then of course the best part of dipping the bread until it has soaked up all the mixture like a sponge and is deliciously soggy! Before you start cooking make sure your bowl of egg mixture and bread is next to your frying pan so you don’t have a trail of eggy mixture from the kitchen table to the hob!

Once it has been fried until beautifully golden on each side we like to top ours with grilled tomatoes, fresh berries, stewed fruit or even some smashed up avocado. YUM. (Remember if you are using sweet toppings leave out the salt and pepper from the egg mixture). Why not have a go with your kids this weekend and remember to let us know how you get on.


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