ministry of food in leeds

For Food Revolution Day 2013, Jamie’s Ministry of Food Centre in Leeds held a wellbeing day for the employees of Leeds’ Environmental Agency. Around 500 employees from the organisation visited the stand over a four-hour period to see what was on offer.

The session was held over lunchtime, so that visitors could see examples of delicious, healthy lunches and meals that are easy to prepare.

Some of the things to try were:

  • Granola served with chopped fresh fruit and natural yoghurt as a breakfast alternative. (also good for lunch boxes)
  • Smoothies (frozen berries and banana).
  • Jam jar dressings (plus a number of shop bought ‘ready-made’ dressings for fat and salt comparison).
  • Dips – Houmous, Yoghurt and lemon dip, tomato salsa, and Coleslaw – all served with wholemeal pitta bread as an idea for a packed lunch extra!
  • Salads – Fresh Asian noodle salad, Everyday green salad, Caesar salad, and Evolution tomato salad

The Everyday green salad was bulked out with a variety of options, including tinned tuna, olives, anchovies, cooked chicken, feta, boiled eggs, Parmesan cheese, and cucumber and carrot batons. The idea was to show people that the everyday green salad can be turned into a complete meal by adding sources of protein and dairy.

The session went very well and every last scrap was eaten! There was great feedback and everyone enjoyed the salad demonstrations. Overall it was a really successful day and people learned a lot.