ministry of food in leeds

Thank you to Simon from Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Leeds for sharing your story with us all.

For Food Revolution Day we held a ‘well-being’ day for the employees of the Environmental Agency in Leeds where we concentrated on healthy eating, weight/obesity and a healthy heart. There were approximately 500 employees within the organization who were able to visit our stand and see what we had to offer. It was held over a 4 hour period in the dining area of the facility so as people came for their lunch, we were able to discuss with them ideas for healthy packed lunches and also demonstrate the recipes for them to see and taste.

The list below is a breakdown of the recipes and examples that we provided;

  • Granola served with chopped fresh fruit and natural yoghurt as a breakfast alternative. (also good for lunch boxes)
  • Smoothies (frozen berries and banana).
  • Jam jar dressings (plus a number of shop bought ‘ready-made’ dressings for fat and salt comparison).

Yoghurt Lemon dip
Tomato salsa
We served the dips with whole meal pitta bread as an idea for a packed lunch extra!

Fresh Asian noodle salad
Everyday green salad
Caesar salad
Evolution Tomato salad

In respect of the everyday green salad, we also provided some tinned tuna, olives, anchovies, cooked chicken, feta, boiled eggs, parmesan and cucumber and carrot batons. The idea was to show people that the everyday green salad can be turned into a complete meal by adding sources of protein and diary. We also tried to express the importance of a variation of food in our diet. We discussed, salt, saturated fat, food labeling, five a day and swap it don’t stop it!

The session went very well and every last scrap was eaten! We had great feedback from the employees and they particularly enjoyed the salad demonstrations. We also had a huge interest in the salad dressings, especially as we had the comparisons on hand to show the fat and salt content. Most people were unaware of how high the salt and fat were in the shop bought dressings (in particular a non-diary dressing of red pepper and balsamic vinegar).

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