gennaro contaldo cooking in the rain under an umbrella

Jamie’s friend and mentor Gennaro Contaldo has made us a How To video of his favourite chicken dish. He cooks up this beautiful Italian-influenced Chicken with Chilli, Rosemary and Garlic during what can only be described as a monsoon on a recent trip to the Amalfi Coast. Overlooking his beautiful and unspoilt hometown of Minori, Gennaro creates this sticky, spicy beauty – to feed four.

He first takes some lovely free-range chicken drumsticks and thighs and cuts them down into manageable chunks – keeping the meat on the bone before seasoning well.

He fries them in a big sauté pan with a good glug of olive oil and when they turn golden brown and crisping up he adds garlic, chilli and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.

He then lets it cook on a low flame for 35 minutes.

After that he adds a glass-and-a half of white wine and when the alcohol is burned off he places the cooked chicken onto grilled slices of Bruschetta.

Fantastico – see Gennaro cook some more of his incredible tasty dishes on our video pages.


Chicken, Italian, Meat