Halloween recipes with jelly brains, bones and fingers in a chocolate rocky road

Our Halloween theme at home this year is ‘ghoulish graveyards’, so I've been looking for a couple of perfect Halloween recipes to bring to the party after trick or treating.

First of all was Jamie’s latest Food Tube video Rocky Road Kill, featuring Jamie’s Transylvanian cousin ‘Count Oliver’ – who possibly comes from Mexico, Spain or Jamaica! The recipe itself takes just ten minutes to make and you can use whatever you have handy at home. It’s half-term so the kids got stuck in with the construction! I melted some butter and dark chocolate over a pan of simmering water, whilst the children smashed up some meringue nests, crushed in half a pack of biscuits and threw in raisins, walnuts and marshmallows. Then we simply mixed the whole lot together and poured everything into a tin.  We didn’t have decorated biscuits to use as tombstones so we came up with sweetie brains and crushed raspberries, jelly bones and dead man’s fingers. Horrific, but my six-year-old loved it!

To warm up the mums and dads after a ghostly round of trick or treating, I’m going to serve a comforting sausage bake to continue our dead man’s fingers and ghoulish graveyard theme. Bangers and beans are great party food and this is an easy recipe that you can make to feed whatever size crowd you’re hosting. It’s straightforward to leave out the red wine and use stock, if you prefer. I also like the suggestion of adding a handful of spinach at the end to give it some colour. I’ll be serving our cassoulet with some lemony green beans – aka witches’ fingers!

Happy Halloween – and watch out for Count Oliver!

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